Monday, October 1, 2007

Poland's Netia Deploys Juniper E320

Netia, Poland's largest alternate telecommunications operator, has deployed Juniper Networks' E320 Broadband Services Router (BSR) as the basis of its national broadband services rollout. Netia has selected the E320 to enable the efficient aggregation of subscribers accessing the network over a wide range of technologies including ADSL, Bit Stream and WiMax. Financial terms were not disclosed.

OPNET Service Resolves Application Performance Problems

OPNET Technologies has launched a new "STAR 24" rapid-response service for troubleshooting application performance issues.

The STAR 24 (Special Team for Application Responsiveness) service leverages OPNET's analytics-based solutions and best practice methodologies to quickly diagnose problems. For a fixed fee, OPNET will dispatch expert consultants to a customer site within 24 hours of receiving the service order. If OPNET is unable to successfully identify the root cause of the problem, the full service fee is waived.

The service is available in North America.

Broadcom's New VideoCore Processor Aims for HD Video Mobiles

Broadcom has begun sampling its new VideoCore III multimedia processor, which targets high definition (HD) video camcorder and playback in cell phones and portable media players.

The Broadcom VideoCore III multimedia processor also supports an up to 12 megapixel digital camera and delivers ultra-low power 3D graphics for a world-class gaming experience. Broadcom says its VideoCore III can deliver this quantum improvement in mobile audio, video, imaging, navigation and gaming experiences -- with similar battery life and size to current generation compact multimedia handsets.

The new BCM2727 mobile multimedia processor provides 720p HD video encode and decode with H.264 main profile compression at low power levels. This will enable consumers to capture video on their cell phones with the same quality as 720p HD television. Broadcom estimates handsets can support more than 5 hours of high definition video playback or around 3 hours of HD recording using a standard-sized cell phone battery. Content on the handset up to HD resolution can be played back on televisions via an integrated HDMI 1.3 or analog interface.

In addition to HD camcorder functionality and camera processing of up to 12 megapixels, the BCM2727 features on-chip advanced 2D and 3D graphics accelerators and efficient audio technology. The graphics pipeline is optimized for efficient Open VG 1.0 and Open GL ES 1.1/2.0 operation and is capable of 32 million triangles per second peak performance.

NTT DoCoMo Tops 40 Million Subscribers for 3G FOMA

NTT DoCoMo's 3G FOMA service surpassed 40 million on September 29, 2007, 11 months after topping 30 million in November 2006 and six years since the service's launch in October 2001.

DoCoMo is the world's largest operator of 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA technology. The company attributes the popularity of its 3G service to a variety of discounts, such as "Pake-hodai" and "Pake-hodai Full" flat-rate data-communication billing plans, diverse content and services, such as "Deco-mail" e-mails decorated with pictograms and other formatting and intuitive-motion "Chokkan Games", as well as FOMA's large lineup of handsets, broad coverage area and high-quality calls.

Limelight Supports Adobe Flash Player Video Media Delivery

Limelight Networks announced the latest version of its global Adobe Flash Media content delivery infrastructure and services.

Limelight claims to be the first CDN in the industry to implement Adobe Flash Media Server in true edge-origin CDN architecture. Edge-origin architecture separates edge server functions from origin server functions, incorporates support for tiered library management, improves network performance and scalability, increases storage efficiency, and provides architectural and implementation flexibility. Edge-origin architecture contrasts with typical Adobe Flash Media Server implementations where each server acts as a separate origin connected to local storage arrays.

Limelight is the first CDN to deploy Adobe Flash Media Server edge servers at every CDN location worldwide.

Nokia Signs CNN, IBN, Jamba, Sony as Content Partners

Nokia announced content partnerships with CNN, IBN, Jamba, Sony Pictures, RooftopComedy, ROK and Versaly Entertainment for its Nokia Video Center. The new partners join YouTube and Reuters in providing mobile video content for Nokia Nseries users. Content is delivered of the N95's 3G or WiFi connection.

Centillium Targets Multi-Service Access with Entropia III-C

Centillium Communications released its "Entropia" III-C system-on-chip (SoC) VoIP solution targeting multi-service access applications such as POTS replacement and Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) environments. Entropia solutions power voice and media gateways, wireless infrastructure gateways, Class 4 and 5 switches, DLC, voice-enabled IP routers, and IP-PBX systems.

Centillium said Entropia" III-C's high degree of integration minimizes external component counts and PCB layers to reduce overall system bill-of-materials (BOM) costs. It delivers 72 LBR channels of voice independent of the codecs in use. While other solutions achieve up to 72 channels with bandwidth-friendly compressed codecs, their capacity degrades to levels as low as 30 channels per card when bandwidth-intensive uncompressed codecs are processed. In contrast, Entropia III-C offers available support for all wireline and wireless codecs while assuring the maximum 72-channel capacity regardless of the mix of codecs in routing.

Entropia III-C also features a MIPS 300MHz bootable host processor and an integrated security engine. Interface options include 16/32 bit DDR1, dual GigE interfaces, optional Utopia2/POS Phy, 2 UARTs, TDM and SPI.

Centillium noted that its Entropia software fully supports IMS architecture, enabling on-demand delivery of rich media services over wireless and wireline networks.

ZigBee PRO Targets Larger, Ultra Low Power Mesh Networks

The ZigBee Alliance has approved new features for the ZigBee specification that significantly expand the capabilities of this short range wireless technology. ZigBee uses self-organizing and self-healing mesh networking over the globally available 2.4 GHz frequency, with 868/915 MHz technology available in select countries. The technology is designed for ultra low-power nodes, such as sensor networks.

The original set of features published in 2006 is now known as the ZigBee Feature Set. An expanded set of features known as ZigBee PRO maximizes all the capabilities of ZigBee and facilitates ease-of-use and advanced support for larger networks. The newly released Feature Sets are designed to interoperate with each other, ensuring long-term use and stability.

Highlights of the expanded ZigBee PRO Feature Set include:

  • Network Scalability -- Improved support for larger networks offering more management, flexibility, performance choices

  • Fragmentation -- New ability to divide longer messages and enable interaction with other protocols and systems

  • Frequency Agility -- Networks dynamically change channels should interference occur

  • Automated Device Address Management -- Optimized for large networks with added network management and configuration tools

  • Group Addressing -- Offers additional traffic optimization needed for large networks

  • Wireless Commissioning -- Enhanced with secure wireless commissioning capabilities

  • Centralized Data Collection -- Tuned specifically to optimize information flow in large networks

Sipera Secures $10 Million for VoIP/UC Security

Sipera Systems, a start-up based in Richardson, Texas, raised $30 million in Series C funding for its VoIP/UC security solutions.

The Sipera IPCS products combine VPN, Firewall/SBC, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Spam, Compliance and Troubleshooting functionality for VoIP systems in a single device. The solution is targeted at IP PBXs, VoIP remote users, SIP trunks, data/voice VLANs, hosted VoIP services and IMS or UMA-based networks.

Sipera also runs a "VIPER" Lab that concentrates its efforts towards identifying VoIP vulnerabilities, and offer "LAVA" tools to verify networks' readiness to resist attacks.

The new financing was led by Duchossois Technology Partners (DTEC), and includes a full participation by existing investors Austin Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and STAR Ventures. The funding brings Sipera's total amount raised to $29.5 million.

TI Advances its DOCSIS 3.0 Solution in Certification Tests

Texas Instruments (TI) announced a milestone in the effort to bring DOCSIS 3.0-based (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) solutions to market. TI's Puma 5 family of DOCSIS 3.0-based cable modem chipsets are supporting CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 testing in Certification Wave 56.

TI's Puma 5 family has been developed to support DOCSIS 3.0 enhanced performance and features, including channel bonding, which enable downstream bandwidth rates of at least 160 Mbps in the residential data and voice services configuration and 320 Mbps in video and business services configuration. In addition TI's Puma 5 also supports greater quality of service with IPv6 and security with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The Puma 5 architecture includes an advanced multimedia processor and routing accelerator along with a high-performance DSP-based voice sub-system and a rich set of LAN interfaces. The routing accelerator provides line rate bridging and routing capabilities and enables quality of service guarantees for voice traffic even in the presence of very high data packet throughput.

TI said its flexible architecture supports 4 upstream and 4 downstream channels (4x4) and is extendable to 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels (8x4) to support next generation IP services. In addition, Puma 5 contains a high speed sampling engine that enables a single tuner to be used for 4 channel operation enabling a very cost effective implementation.

Alcatel-Lucent's Board of Director Supports Russo

Alcatel-Lucent's Board of Directors issued a statement affirming support for Pat Russo and her leadership team, and the efforts they are making to adapt the company's plans in light of this year's developments. The Board expressed disappointment the most recent changes in the company's outlook , and said it will review the plan to be developed by management during the next scheduled meeting on October 30th.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

AT&T to Acquire Interwise for IP Conferencing

AT&T agreed to acquire privately held Interwise, a provider of voice, Web and video conferencing services to businesses, for $121 million in cash. AT&T plans to align Interwise's IP-based conferencing and collaboration solution with its enterprise networking, communications and collaboration services, global MPLS-based IP network and its industry-leading conferencing portfolio of services.

AT&T said it expect to retain Interwise's management team and its domestic and international operations, including its R&D center in Israel. Interwise is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., and employs approximately 150 people. It operates in the United States, Europe and Asia with offices in six countries.

Bay Microsystems Adds PBT Implementation for Chesapeake 40G Network Processor

Bay Microsystems has added a Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) application for its Chesapeake 40G Network Processor, which is targeted at a new generation of broadband infrastructure equipment ranging from high density over-subscribed 1GE/10GE Metro Ethernet boxes to high reliability systems up to 40G and above.

The new PBT application adds to the company's "Lighthouse" hardware and software tool suite that facilitates the design, development, debug, and delivery of next generation network equipment.

Bay Microsystems said Chesapeake's programmable packet processing engines, service management support and forwarding performance are ideally suited for the onerous processing requirements of PBT and other Ethernet applications. With the addition of PBT, the Lighthouse Tool Suite now supports a wide range of Layer 2 and Layer 3 applications including: MPLS, PWE3, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN Switching, Multicast and Traffic Engineering.

Flextronics Completes Acquisition of Solectron

Flextronics has completed its previously announced acquisition of Solectron, creating the most diversified and premier global provider of advanced design and vertically integrated electronics manufacturing services ("EMS").

The combined company has approximately 4,000 design engineers, 200,000 employees, and annual revenues exceeding $30 billion.
  • In June 2007, Flextronics International first announced plans to acquire Solectron Corporation for approximately $3.6 billion in equity, based on the closing price of Flextronics ordinary shares on June 1, 2007.

European Commission initiates Anti-trust Proceedings against Qualcomm

The European Commission will open formal anti-trust proceedings against Qualcomm concerning an alleged breach of EC Treaty rules on abuse of a dominant market position. This follows complaints lodged with the Commission by Ericsson, Nokia, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, NEC and Panasonic, all mobile phone and/or chipsets manufacturers. The complaints allege that Qualcomm's licensing terms and conditions are not Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory ("FRAND") and, therefore, may breach EC competition rules.

The EC noted that this initiation of proceedings does not imply that the Commission has proof of an infringement.

Nortel Announces All-IP Platform for GSM/UMTS, AT&T to Deploy

AT&T will be among the first to deploy selected elements Nortel's new All-IP product line for GSM and UMTS wireless networks.

Nortel's All-IP product line aims to simplify and consolidate service provider networks to decrease operation costs through easier maintenance and management of networks.

Nortel's product launch includes a new MSC Server which uses commercial-off-the-shelf ATCA technology enabling operators to support multiple applications on the same type of platform. The new product line also includes high-density VoIP Media Gateways capable of supporting more subscribers with less equipment than traditional platforms at a significantly lower cost for the operator.

The deployment of Nortel's new product line is compliant to R4 standards, which is a release of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and these products can reduce operator costs by enabling more efficient use of transmission capacity and reducing the amount of network equipment required to support wireless services.

Nortel Appoints CFO

Nortel named Pavi S. Binning as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Binning previously served in chief financial officer positions at Hanson PLC and Marconi PLC. He spent the majority of his career at Diageo PLC, a large, global consumer goods business that owns premium drink brands.

Freescale Teams Arcturus on "Embedded Voice" VoIP Platform

Freescale has introduced an embedded VoIP reference platform developed in collaboration with Arcturus Networks. The design solution includes a host board, VoIP module based on the ColdFire MCF53281 MCU family, VoIP voice processing software and a Middleware stack from Arcturus. Target applications include residential, industrial and commercial embedded voice using VoIP applications, such as intercom systems used in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Telecom Italia Deploys ECI Telecom in Outside Plant

Telecom Italia has deployed ECI Telecom's Broadband Access solution to expand its outside plant broadband network. ECI's Hi-FOCuS MiniCAB is a self-enclosed, ruggedized unit that can be deployed even where there is no street cabinet or previous installation, or when the street cabinet is full, and even under harsh environmental conditions. The platform can be remotely powered using copper lines. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Telefónica and Yahoo! Partner on Mobile Search

Telefónica and Yahoo! announced a global agreement for making Yahoo! the main search service on Telefónica's mobile portals in 15 countries in Europe and Latin America, potentially reaching more than 100 million consumers worldwide.

Yahoo! oneSearch is specifically designed for mobile devices, delivering results directly in the first screen. It also gives consumers access to news, financial information, weather conditions, Flickr photos, Web images, as well as Web and Mobile Web sites.

Telefónica customers will also enjoy the benefit of direct access to Flickr, allowing customers to easily view and share their photos, view their friends' pictures, view and create comments on photos and browse or search more than one billion images posted by the Flickr service, all from the mobile phones.

Additionally, Yahoo! Mail will be seamlessly integrated into Telefónica's Mail Express service, providing Yahoo! Mail users with the ability to receive their Yahoo! Mail messages directly on their mobile phone via MMS messaging.