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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vitesse Samples Next Gen Ethernet Switching Silicon for 802.11ac Networks

Vitesse Semiconductor unveiled its next generation SparX-IV Ethernet switching silicon optimized for 802.11ac WLAN enterprise deployments.

The new SparX-IV Ethernet switches are designed for Gigabit Wi-Fi access and aggregation, and are also suited for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The new 802.11ac access point deployments enable WLAN connections in the gigabit range.  However, to ensure this performance, uplinks and aggregation switches must be upgraded as well. Vitesse said its new SparX-IV Ethernet switches were designed to answer this need by providing the ability to aggregate from 8 to 24 access ports at 2.5 Gbps. Significantly, the switch design also adds Layer 3 routing and IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization capabilities.

“Wave 2 .11ac deployments will be all about 2.5G uplinks,” said Larry O’Connell, product marketing director for Vitesse. “There’s a sizeable price and power penalty by going to 10G uplinks, requiring Enterprises to install new cabling to enable the higher total bandwidth. Vitesse’s new SparX-IV Ethernet switch family optimizes the aggregation switch bandwidth and port counts to actual deployment scenarios."

Some SparX-IV highlights.

• High Density Port Configurations: The SparX-IV Ethernet switches can be configured based on connectivity needs for 1G or 2.5G Ethernet uplinks;

• Sophisticated Traffic Classification: Featuring a highly optimized TCAM architecture with more classification capabilities than the competition, the SparX-IV family readily enables

• Expanded Routing & Layer 3 Support: With added Layer 3 routing support, the SparX-IV Ethernet switches offer larger routing tables than comparable options, giving customers flexibility in Quality of Service (QoS) and IPv4/IPv6 routes; and

• Ruggedized For Industrial Environments: The SparX-IV family is industrial-hardened for rugged environments: industrial temperature range support for operating temperatures of -40°C to 125°C; VeriTimeTM IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization; and hardware-based

The SparX-IV family includes a range of configurations and is sampling now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Juniper and Aruba Enter Strategic Partnership

Juniper Networks and Aruba Networks entered into a strategic alliance to deliver open, converged wired and wireless network solutions.

As part of this effort, Aruba will be able to leverage Juniper's programmable silicon and new programmable application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable higher value functions in enterprise networks.  The companies said their partnership will bring product-level integration that leverages open protocols and open APIs on Juniper switches and routers, and contextual data on users, devices, applications and location available from Aruba's enterprise Wireless LAN (WLAN) products.

"With Aruba we jointly deliver a unique, interoperable wired and wireless solution that will enable customers to realize performance, cost, intelligence and simplified management benefits. Additionally, Juniper's Open Convergence Framework provides customers with comprehensive solutions optimized for the unique requirements of the Enterprise," stated Shaygan Kheradpir, chief executive officer, Juniper Networks.

"The question on the table is not if employees will bring their own mobile devices into the workplace, but rather how those devices will be supported. There's an urgent need for IT departments to efficiently handle GenMobile's all-wireless requirements and the resulting influx of mobile device traffic. Aruba's joint development agreement with Juniper Networks brings together the best in mobility technology with a leader in wired switching and routing. The resulting rightsized network will help automate and accelerate business operations and deliver an integrated mobility experience on which GenMobile can depend," said Dominic Orr, chief executive officer, Aruba Networks.