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Sunday, April 4, 2021

America's $100 billion broadband surge - Fiber Broadband Association's Gary Bolton

President Biden's American Jobs Plan is calling for a historic investment of $100 billion over 8 years to "bring affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to every American", including for the more than 35 percent of rural Americans who lack access to broadband at minimally acceptable speeds. The goal is 100% coverage. If approved by Congress, the plan would set off a wave of network construction.

In this interview, Gary Bolton, President, Fiber Broadband Association, shares his insights on the proposal and how it could be carried out.

2:42 - Is the $100 billion plan justified? Is there a way to calculate if this figure is warranted?

5:06 - Is there any evidence that communities with fiber broadband get an economic boost from the investment?

8:06 - Will the funding be directed exclusively at the last mile fiber connection or will it also include other necessary upgrades to metro and regional infrastructure?

11:09 - How will the plan be administered? Via the FCC or other government agencies?

15:07 - America values the competitive marketplace. Will there be restrictions or guidelines with this funding as to whether the networks must provide open access to other broadband providers?

17:46 - What does the timeline look like from proposal to legislation to Congressional vote, to actual project funding?

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Video: IBM builds a Cloud for Telecommunications


There are several key drivers for why carriers are moving to cloud infrastructures, including the acceleration of edge & 5G services, zero touch service automations, and operational modernization.  But can carriers justify the cost of this migration. Bill Lambertson, Vice President, 5G, Edge & Cloud Business, IBM, gives an overview of the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, and why Red Hat OpenShift is a strategic advantage.

Download the 2021 Telco Infrastructure Report here:

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Video: Charlie Vogt discusses acquisition of

Charlie Vogt, President and CEO of DZS, talks about the network orchestration and software automation capabilities gained through the acquisition of RIFT, a start-up based in Chelmsford, MA.

RIFT.ware is an ETSI-compliant NFV MANO solution and commercial distribution of ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) that radically simplifies the deployment of multi-vendor VNFs and orchestration of complex, multi-vendor network services in carrier and enterprise clouds.

The capabilities will enhance DZS mobile transport, broadband access and connected premises solutions by enabling the development and deployment of end-to-end services, networking and applications – including OpenRAN or vRAN VNFs and CNFs, 5G network slicing, FTTx network orchestration, enterprise oriented universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) or SD-WAN solutions.

Download the 2021 Telco Infrastructure Report here:

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Video: 4 key things about open, disaggregated transport for 5G

Architectural changes are needed in optical transport networks to accommodate 5G. In this video,

Tim Doiron, Senior Director of Solution Marketing at Infinera, discusses four key attributes of open, disaggregated transport networks.

Operators will not tolerate Open RAN and closed transport.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Secret of Cloud-First WANs

As CIOs plan for the post-pandemic era, there’s more focus on Cloud-First architectures that can better manage change, increase business agility and lower costs. 

Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka, draws from conversations with customers and partners to share his insights on key SD-WAN and SASE architecture attributes required for next-generation infrastructure deployments.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

3 Key Trends for SD-WAN

2020 has changed how we work, collaborate, and conduct our daily lives. Networking’s role as an essential utility has never been more underscored and tested. With SD-WAN sitting at the heart of businesses, it’s critical that it can function uninterrupted. 

In this video, Sunil Khandekar, General Manager/Founder of Nuage Networks from Nokia, shares three key trends for SD-WAN that they are actively participating in.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Arm perspective on Next-Gen Edge: Portability is Key

As we think about moving computing from the core data centers to the edge, portability will be key to building out edge infrastructure. In this video, Chris Bergey, SVP/GM Infrastructure Line of Business at Arm, talks about the concept of portability as illustrated in Arm's Project Cassini which brings cloud-native technologies to the edge to enable a secure and portable computing environment.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Apstra's Mansour Karam on What is Intent-based Networking?

Why would Juniper acquire Apstra? In this video from late 2019, Mansour Karam, Co-Founder and President of Apstra, provides a 3-minute overview of Intent-based Networking.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Advanced Material Solutions for Co-Packaged Optics - replay

The thermal properties of optical components become key considerations as power, processing, and utilization increase with faster data rates. For future optical components, several advanced materials are being considered. 

Our guests for this webinar are:

Dr. Peter Johnson, Staff Scientist at SABIC, who discusses thermoplastic optical integration in co-packaged applications. Dr. Johnson obtained his Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Dr. Jake Joo , who leads the  Optoelectronics group at Dupont. His presentation covers the high-speed data challenges for co-packaged optics, and the critical materials needed for next-gen data centers, including polymer waveguides, low-loss dialectic materials, index management materials, thermal management materials, etc. Dr. Joo obtained his PhD.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT.

This is the third in a series of webinars sponsored by Dupont’s Silicon Valley Tech Center and the Consortium for On-board Optics (COBO).

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Video: It takes a Village to Build the Edge

The forces of cloud-native containerization are liberating today’s workloads, moving them closer to end-users. But delivering on the promise of the 5G edge will take a village, says Hitendra Sonny Soni, SVP Worldwide Sales, Kaloom. 

This 7-minute video shares key market drivers and requirements to build the edge. Kaloom, working in concert with Red Hat and Intel, offers a Unified Edge Solution.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Open Policy Agent: Building a standard for cloud-native authorization

Here is a quick introduction to Open Policy Agent (OPA), which is now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project, and which provides an open source, general-purpose policy engine for cloud infrastructure.

The cloud-native stack is becoming so complex and distributed that a common, application autorization mechanism is necessary.

 In this video, Bill Mann, CEO of Styra, talks about how OPA is gaining momentum as the de facto approach for establishing authorization policies across cloud native environments. Styra pioneered OPA. Its founding team of Tim Hinrichs and Teemu Koponen previously played key roles in the development of software-defined networking and network virtualization at Nicira.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Video: Scaling-out Data Centers with the Fungible Data Processing Unit

Fungible was founded in 2015 to revolutionize the performance, economics, reliability, and security of scale-out data centers.

In this video, Pradeep Sindhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Fungible, shares observations about scale-out data centers and the key innovations of Fungible’s Data Processing Unit (Fungible DPU™) which has been positioned as the “third socket” in data centers, complementing the CPU and GPU.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Debunking the Top 10 Myths of DPDK

The Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) software is a set of Linux user-space libraries and drivers that accelerate packet-processing workloads running on all major CPU architectures.

In this video, Jim St. Leger, Director, Open Source Strategy and Marketing, Intel, dispels popular myths and misconceptions around DPDK.

Myth #10 (1:10): DPDK is code complete
with Wang Yong, Hardware Engineer, ZTE

Myth #9 (1:51): DPDK is just for hardware
with Edwin Verplanke, Solution Architect, Intel

Myth #8 (2:40): DPDK is a closed community
with Harini Ramakrishnan, Program Manager II, Microsoft

Myth #7 (3:21): SmartNICS will kill DPDK
with Georgii Tkachuk, Performance Engineer, Intel

Myth #6 (4:04): Intel controls DPDK
with Honnappa Nagarahalli, Principal Software Engineer, Arm

Myth #5 (5:05): DPDK is only for telcos
with Yasufumi Ogawa, Research Engineer, NTT Service System Lab

Myth #4 (5:47): DPDK is not green
with Jingjing Wu, Software Engineer, Intel

Myth #3 (6:32): DPDK is Linux
Jill Lovato, Senior Manager, Communications, the Linux Foundation

Myth #2 (7:35): DPDK is not for containers
with Muthurajan Jayakumar “M Jay,” Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel

Myth #1 (8:40): DPDK is software dataplane only
with Trishan de Lanerolle, Technical Program Manager, the Linux Foundation, and Thomas Monjalon, Engineer, Mellanox (NVIDIA).

Also available is a Myth-busting DPDK in 2020 Report, which may be downloaded here:

Monday, June 22, 2020

Big trends: Peering traffic surge, upgrade cycles, Cisco Silicon One, 400G

Cisco's Jonathan Davidson talks about (1) the surge in data traffic due the global pandemic and how it might impact carrier upgrade cycles, (2) how Cisco One silicon is the company's pathway forward, and (3) the arrival of 400G in the data center.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

State of NFV: Containerizing the Telco Cloud

In 2019, NFV pretty much became mainstream. This year, the term is becoming irrelevant, says  Ron Haberman, CTO of Nokia Software, thanks to the shift to containers and the expansion capabilities into public cloud. This 5-minute video offers insights into the containerization of telcos clouds.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Conversational AI for Telco Service Providers

Customer support may well be the first really solid business case for AI in Service Provider networks. Imagine the ROI if conversational AI and automation could trim the time needed for millions of customer support calls.

In this video, Umesh Sachdev, CEO of Uniphore, discusses the use case for conversational AI by telcos.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

SD-WAN Observations 2020 with Aruba's Kishore Seshadri

Two key observations about the rapidly evolving SD-WAN market from Kishore Seshadri, VP/GM, SD-WAN, Aruba.

First, centralize where you can, distribute where you must.
Second, look to SD-WAN for interconnecting hub sites.

Monday, February 10, 2020

NFV for Future-proofing the Enterprise

Customers want to put in place a platform that future-proofs their enterprise. In this video, Bob Victor, Head of Product at Comcast Business, shares the Comcast Business perspective on NFV.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

NFV for Rapid Service Activation

State of NFV Resource Site and Report:

Spectrum Enterprise sees a great role for NFV for rapid turnup of services for enterprise customers across all sizes. Satya Parimi, Group Vice President, Enterprise Data and Smart City at Spectrum Enterprise, discusses how NFV opens the door to deliver new and innovative services to enterprises.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

State of NFV: What's next for NFVI? - Ericsson

State of NFV Resource Site and Report:

Lars MÃ¥rtensson, VP & Head of Solution Area Cloud and NFVi & Head of Ericsson Silicon Valley, shares his thoughts on the progress of NFV and what’s next including containers and Kubernetes as well as the move toward the edge.