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Monday, February 22, 2021

Unitas Global builds edge to cloud access network

Unitas Global introduced a software-defined network built for interconnecting cloud providers, carrier-neutral data centers, SaaS applications, and edge access networks to form a multi-service global interconnection fabric.

Unitas Reach delivers automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location, including access from 900 carrier neutral data centers and 30 million enterprise locations in over 85 countries.

"Organizations today need flexible, proven, and secure infrastructure to run their enterprise applications and multi-cloud solutions," shares Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global. "With Unitas Reach, our clients achieve cost-optimized network connectivity with the agility needed to scale quickly and support the growing demands of applications on network architectures, performance, and costs."

"We designed Unitas Reach™ in response to the dynamic networking requirements that today's businesses require and have yet to experience," comments Grant Kirkwood, Founder and CTO of Unitas Global. "Providers and enterprises can easily add connectivity to dynamically support their ever changing network strategies, and customize capabilities to their unique set of service delivery, operations, access and configuration requirements.”

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Video: Hybrid Cloud Services for Multinationals - Unitas Global

Not all companies want their data to reside in a single cloud. Increasingly, major enterprises are opting for a multicloud strategy.

Unitas Global is a provider of hybrid infrastructure and cloud services to global enterprises.

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, provides a market update.

See video:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Video: Secure Cloud Connections - a perspective by Patrick Shutt @UnitasGlobal

Enterprises have absolute aspirations to move from their on-premise infrastructure to the hyperscale cloud.

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, speaks about building secure connections to the cloud for enterprises.