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Thursday, April 5, 2018

TI Sparkles appoints new chairman and CEO

TI Sparkle S.p.A. appointed Stefano Siragusa as Chairman and Riccardo Delleani as Chief Executive Officer, replacing Alessandro Talotta who has left the company.

TI Sparkle renewed its Board of Directors for the financial years 2018-2020. It also announced the appointment of the following directors: Stefano Siragusa, Riccardo Delleani, Roberto Moro, Michela Mossini, and Ettore Spigno.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia Look to Start-ups

Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on technology scouting of innovative startups to identify prospective partners in mutually agreed areas such as NFV, SDN, RAN Evolution and next generation SON. The two companies will collaborate on proof-of-Concept deployments of systems, solutions and services.

Sandro Dionisi, Executive Vice President and Director of Global Advisory Services at Telecom Italia, said: "Collaborating with Nokia Networks on this scouting program will open up the opportunity to introduce new network technologies in strategic areas, faster than before, guaranteeing the support of a leading OEM like Nokia Networks. The initiative will give us access to innovators, mainly but not only in Silicon Valley, speed up and improve technical development, leading to newer and better services for our consumers."

 center deployments.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

American Tower to Acquire TIM Celular's Towers in Brazil

American Tower agreed to acquire two portfolios of towers in Brazil from TIM Celular S.A., which is owned by Telecom Italia S.p.A..

The first portfolio includes approximately 5,240 towers. The second portfolio includes approximately 1,240 towers, which are subject to certain preemptive acquisition rights held by third parties. The total consideration is expected to be approximately 3.0 billion Brazilian Reais (approximately $1.2 billion at the current exchange rate), subject to customary adjustments. American Tower intends to finance the acquisition in a manner consistent with its previously announced leverage targets.

American Tower anticipates that the towers will generate approximately 435 million Brazilian Reais (approximately $171 million at the current exchange rate) in annual run rate revenues (which includes ground rent pass-through and existing collocation revenue), and approximately 191 million Brazilian Reais (approximately $75 million at the current exchange rate) in annual gross margin. TIM will be the anchor tenant on each portfolio under leases with 20-year initial terms.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Telecom Italia's 2014-2016 Strategic Plan: Focus on Domestic Rollouts

As part of a newly announced 2014-16 Strategic Plan, Telecom Italia will sell its subsidiary, Telecom Argentina, will accelerating the rollout of LTE and its next gen, broadband access network in its home market.  An offer for Telecom Argentina has already been received and management is preparing to act on it.

The CEO Marco Patuano stated: "The Plan for the three year period 2014-2016 envisages some extraordinary transactions intended to strengthen the Group. These will allow us to boost development of ultrabroadband and accelerate our converging business strategy, and to achieve greater financial flexibility, preparatory to our achieving metrics over the life of the plan that are coherent with 'investment grade' status."

In Italy, the plan envisages investments of approximately 9 billion euros over three years, of which 3.4 billion euros solely for latest generation:

  • 1.8 billion euros for the development of fixed ultrabroadband using optical fibre for the access segment;
  • 900 million euros for mobile ultrabroadband;
  • approximately 700 million euros for the creation of new data centres dedicated to the development of cloud computing and international fibre connections.

By 2016, Telecom Italia expects its NGN access network to reach 50% of the population, with 12.4 million homes connected.  Telecom Italia's LTE should cover 80% of the population in that time frame.

Regarding the NGN,  the Telecom Italia Board of Directors has approved a voluntary separation of the access network, giving priority to the creation of the "Equivalence of Input " (EoI) model through functional separation, with particular reference to the offer of unbundling of the local loop (ULL) and virtual unbundling local access (VULA) for the new generation networks based on FTTCab and FTTH architectures.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bernabè Steps Down as Head of Telecom Italia

Franco Bernabè has resigned as Chairman and CEO of Telecom Italia.  His responsibilities are being taken over by Marco Patuano, who currently serves as COO, while the company decides on a new Chairman.

Telecom Italia's Board of Directors also approved a severance package of EUR 3.7 million for Bernabè.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Telecom Italia to Spin-Off Fixed Line Infrastructure

The board of directors of Telecom Italia adopted a plan to spin-off the company's fixed line access business into a separate company. Infrastructure belonging to the separated company will include resources for developing and managing the passive access network (both copper and fibre) and the active components of the fibre, consisting of OLTs (Optical Line Terminals) and cabinets.

Telecom Italia said its new structure will guarantee all operators (OLOs and Telecom Italia) access to the fixed-line network, including Unbundled Local Loops (ULLs) and Virtual Unbundled Line Access (VULA) for next-generation networks leveraging FTTx and FTTH architecture.