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Monday, October 12, 2020

Verizon Business and Cisco bring 5G Edge to stadiums

Verizon Business and Cisco are collaborating to offer solutions combining Verizon’s 5G network and 5G Edge for stadiums, arenas and event spaces.

The solutions will be powered by Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband with mobile edge computing (MEC) interfaces with the Cisco Sports and Entertainment portfolio. The joint solution integrates with a variety of Cisco innovations including: Cisco DNA Spaces for secure location analytics, Cisco switching and data center technology, connected venue analytics and more. The 5G and MEC environments will help deliver near real-time enablement and experiences.

Together, Verizon and Cisco said they can to bring these capabilities to stadiums:

  • Leverage analytics to estimate wait times associated with lines at check in, restrooms and concession stands; interfaces with digital signage and mobile applications to direct patrons to alternative locations with shorter lines
  • Identify crowd density and manage crowd flows with the use of digital signage and messages to venue staff to help maintain social distancing standards

“While all sports and entertainment fans are looking forward to the day they can get back to their favorite venues, many are understandably nervous about their safety in large crowds. This solution will help put minds at ease so fans can re-enter venues with the knowledge that strong steps are being taken to safeguard their wellbeing," said Aamir Hussain, SVP Chief Product Officer for Verizon Business. “This is one of the many 5G-enabled experiences powered by Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband that is changing the in-person fan experience in dozens of stadiums.”

“Our combined expertise and technology innovation is furthering the evolution of 5G, creating a dynamic offering for the industry that will redefine stadium sports and entertainment for the future,” said Jonathan Davidson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco. “With the power of 5G and MEC solutions, we can bring cloud-powered services closer to the edge for more flexible development of applications, helping venues to deliver new experiences better, faster and with more clarity and precision.”

Monday, February 2, 2015

Verizon Customers at Super Bowl Generated 4 TB of Data

Verizon customers at the Super Bowl racked up more than 25 million wireless connections – nearly 25,000 per minute.

All of the tweets, texts, status updates, etc. sent by Verizon customers immediately before, during and after the game in Glendale added up to 4.1 terabytes of data, compared to 1.9 terabytes during the 2014 Super Bowl.

Verizon said its network engineers spent nearly two years preparing for the event, including quadrupling the 4G LTE data capacity at the stadium and at major venues throughout metro Phoenix, adding cell sites, small cell systems, indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems and rolling in mobile cell sites.

Friday, October 31, 2014

AT&T: Mobile Data Usage at Stadiums Soars to 1000s of GBs

In-stadium mobile data usage at college and professional football games is soaring to hundreds or thousands of gigabytes, according to newly published data usage statics from AT&T.   The data is derived from the more than 75 different stadiums where AT&T provides coverage via Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

So far this football season across 333 games where it had DAS coverage, AT&T customers used more than 104.9 Terabytes of mobile data via the in-venue cellular networks. Data usage at professional football games outpaces college games.  Mobile users in Miami use the most data.

More stats are on the AT&T blog:

Data on mobile data usage at baseball games is here: