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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AT&T Launches "Watson" Speech API

AT&T released its Speech API featuring a suite of seven different speech recognition and transcription capabilities that "learn" different accents, speaker variations, background environments, platform variations, dialects and speech patterns. AT&T said its holds more than 600 patents in this area, and that the newly released API would open new possibilities for developers.

AT&T Speech API capabilities include:

  • Web Search – Search from within an app with the power of your voice. Web Search is trained to recognize several million mobile queries.
  • Business Search – Trained on tens of millions of local business entries, this context lets you transcribe your search query to let you find what’s in the area, from donuts to doctors.
  • Voicemail to Text – No need to scribble down a message, this context—trained on a massive set of data acquired from call centers, mobile applications and the web—turns your voicemail into sharable text.
  • SMS –Tuned to transcribe text, this context can deliver your spoken message as text through a messaging service of your choice.
  • Question and Answer – Trained on over 10 million questions, this context accurately transcribes your question and returns the correct answer.
  • TV – Searching for show titles, movies and actors? This context transcribes your spoken search queries to enable you to search the AT&T U-verse program guide.
  • Generic - Automatically recognizes and transcribes English and Spanish languages. This context can also be used for general dictation, communication and search.