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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fujitsu Enhances FLASHWAVE with Integrated OTN Access, Switching, Transport

Fujitsu announced enhancements to Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching and OTN access in its FLASHWAVE 9500 and FLASHWAVE CDS packet optical networking platforms.  Specifically, Fujitsu is extending its FLASHWAVE 9500 by introducing 2.4 Tbps OTN cross-connect grooming and an OTN control plane, enabling cross-connect services through OTN networks. The rollout includes:

A new suite of OTN units provides maximum grooming from ODU0 up to ODU4 and can be used in multiple operational modes, with or without the centralized switch fabric. The new 2 × OTU4 unit also supports coherent CFP modules for highly scalable ROADM deployments. Additional software features include support for ITU G.8032 Ethernet ring protection switching and Y.1731 performance monitoring.

Integrated OTN and ROADM switching in the FLASHWAVE 9500 allows for grooming and rearranging of traffic at intermediate drop sites without the need for additional transponders or muxponders. When used with the FLASHWAVE CDS, direct connection eliminates equipment bookending, providing a complete, lower cost solution. Enhanced OTN performance monitoring (PM) and operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) further strengthen FLASHWAVE 9500 management capabilities versus ROADM-only solutions.

The latest release of the FLASHWAVE CDS provides higher-capacity OTN access, a new compact chassis, and enhanced protection capabilities. A new OTU2 OTN transponder provides 4 × 10G OTN demarcation, supplementing the high-density OTN switch muxponder and OTU1 OTN transponder units currently available in the FLASHWAVE CDS. A new 1RU, AC-powered chassis for OTN units offers a footprint optimized for customer premises equipment demarcation. Y-cable protection support for OTN modules provides hardware resiliency for high-availability applications.

The FLASHWAVE CDS can operate as a stand-alone, end-to-end solution or as an extension of the FLASHWAVE 9500 and FLASHWAVE 7500 platforms. With 80 Gbps of OTN switching capacity, the FLASHWAVE CDS provides high-density OTN multiplexing and switching to operators requiring fully transparent transport of Ethernet, SONET, SDH and wholesale service extensions.

“Network traffic is growing at an exponential rate, and operators are looking for ways to boost bandwidth and increase network functionality,” said Steve Pelosi, head of the Optical Business Unit at Fujitsu Network Communications. “OTN provides operators a way to support different traffic types in a more cost-effective manner than legacy technologies. As our customers’ networks evolve, we will continue expanding our product portfolio to address their needs.”