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Thursday, June 19, 2014

NIMBOXX Introduces Software Defined Data Center Box

NIMBOXX, a start-up based in Austin, Texas, unveiled its ‘atomic unit’ for the software-defined data center -- an all-in-one appliance that converges servers, storage, networking and security.

NIMBOXX features mesh-based scale out, dynamic storage orchestration, self-balancing workload heuristics, and a shared-nothing management model. It also provides dynamic adaptation to cache and storage changes based on multi-dimensional workload analyses. Deployments can start with a single node and scale to hundreds. NIMBOXX uses its own Mesh Operating System (MeshOS) on bare metal and offers a RESTful API for integration with third-party applications. The company claims 180,000 IOPS generated from a 1U system with factory settings

NIMBOX also announced $12 million in Series A funding from SMC Holdings, a Hong Kong-based institutional investor.

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