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Thursday, May 14, 2015

ADTRAN Cuts Costs of NG-PON2 Architecture Using Flexible Transceivers

ADTRAN is adopting a flexible optics approach to significantly cut the cost of delivering Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) services based on NG-PON2 architecture.

The company said its breakthrough uses the latest 10G wavelength symmetric ITU/FSAN standards-based technology. ADTRAN's system can interoperate with multiple “cost vs. capability” types of optical transceivers to maximize economic flexibility. The company claims this “pay as you grow” approach allows the service provider to align the optics cost with the target applications, starting with low-cost symmetric 10G deployment options and growing to multi-wavelength TWDM capabilities.

ADTRAN’s NG-PON2 platform supports 10 Gigabit GPON, TWDM PON, P2P DWDM, 10 Gigabit EPON, and GPON. To optimize the full service agility promise of NG-PON2, ADTRAN’s solution supports provisioning through modern, open APIs, facilitating deployment using next-generation software defined networking (SDN)-based management systems. The company says its new architecture is currently available for demonstration and will begin field trials in the third quarter of this year.

“ADTRAN has a long history in developing designs that break economic barriers, giving service providers the maximum flexibility they need to deliver the services of tomorrow that their customers demand today,” said Robert Conger, associate vice president, carrier strategy for ADTRAN. “With seemingly infinite demand for broadband from both residential and business customers, service providers are challenged to explore economically viable options that allow them to scale PON networks to support Gigabit service growth.”