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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Menara samples Coherent CFP2-DCO transceivers

Menara Networks has begun sampling its Coherent CFP2-DCO transceivers to select customers.

Menara’s Digital CFP2-DCO “system-in-a-module”, which is powered by a 16nm Coherent Processor, provides DWDM coherent transmission for 100G and 200G per wavelength in a CFP2 MSA small form factor. It performs all necessary adaptive PM-QPSK and PM-QAM 16 modulation, digital signal processing for linear and non-linear fiber impairments compensation, G.709 compliant OTN framing, and a multitude of hard and LDPC-based soft decision forward error correction encoders/decoders. Compatible with 100GE, CAUI, OTL4.10, and OTL 4.4 interfaces, Menara’s Coherent CFP2-DCO is full C-band tunable and supports ITU-T G.694.1 6.25 GHz Flexible Grid. With maximum versatility, it enables ZR, Data Center Interconnection, Metro and Long Haul applications.

“Building on a long track record of bringing high-performance optical modules with advanced functionalities to the market, Menara’s engineering team successfully integrated all necessary functions for digital coherent transmission in a CFP2 form factor,” said Salam ElAhmadi, Menara Networks CTO & VP of Engineering. “CFP2 smaller footprint not only doubles the faceplate density but also improves 200G coherent transmission economics.”

Friday, March 24, 2017

Menara unveils Tunable SFP+ transceiver with OTN framing and FEC

Menara Networks, an IPG Photonics business and vertically integrated supplier of IP/Ethernet DWDM transport solutions, has announced the introduction of what the company claims is the first tunable SFP+ transceiver incorporating integrated OTN framing and forward error correction (FEC) functionality.

A member of Menara's existing Atlas family of 'system-in-module' transceiver products, the new OTN SFP+ transceiver leverages the company's proprietary, high speed mixed signal CMOS RADIA ASIC and is full C-band tunable across the ITU-T 50 GHz grid. The device also supports G.709-compliant OTN framing and G.975-compliant GFEC and EFEC capabilities and is offered in a SFP+ MSA-compliant form factor.

The new tunable OTN SFP+ product is designed to be compatible with all major MPLS routers, Ethernet switches and packet-optical platforms, and can enable up to 3,000 DWDM transmission reach for both 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gbit/s SONET/SDH client signals.

Menara expects to begin sampling the Atlas tunable OTN SFP+ solution in the second quarter of 2017.

Menara Networks also announced sampling of a coherent CFP-DCO transceivers to select customers based on an advanced 16 nm coherent processor. The new CFP-DCO DWDM transceiver is designed to support DWDM coherent transmission for 100 and 200 Gbit/s per wavelength in a CFP MSA form factor and offers functionality including adaptive advanced modulation, DSP for linear and non-linear fibre impairments compensation, G.709-compliant OTN framing and hard and soft decision-based FEC encoding/decoding.

Commenting on the new product, Siraj Nour El Ahmadi, Menara co-founder and president, said, "Customers worldwide have achieved substantial cost savings and time-to-market advantages using Menara's OTN XFP 'system-in-a-module' transceivers to eliminate the need for DWDM transponders in their networks… the new sub-micron CMOS RADIA ASIC and low power designs… bring the same benefits in the smaller SFP+ form factor…".

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IPG Photonics Acquires Menara Networks for Pluggable Optical Modules

IPG Photonics agreed to acquire Menara Networks, a supplier of enhanced optical transmission modules and systems for cable multi-system operators (MSOs), carriers and data centers, for $46.8 million in cash.

The companies recently announced a partnership to provide an integrated solution for simplified repeater-less 100G DWDM transmission for metro and data center interconnection. Menara’s cost and foot-print-saving product suite of 10G and 100G WDM modules eliminate the need for high-priced transponder systems.

IPG said the acquisition provides it with an entry into the growing optical pluggable systems market and leverages IPG’s international market access outside North America.

“The acquisition of Menara Networks is in line with our strategy to make bolt-on acquisitions that provide us with the talent, technology and products to enter large complementary markets,” said Dr. Valentin Gapontsev, IPG Photonics’ Chairman and CEO. “Since IPG was founded in the 1990’s, telecom products have been a staple offering for IPG, part of our DNA. This acquisition broadens and complements our telecommunications offerings and provides significant sales synergies. Together, we can offer our customers an expanded telecom technology platform with more integrated products with superior performance and economics. The acquisition also affords IPG a better position to capitalize on the robust growth of optical networking driven by video and broadband access.”

"The on-going shift to cloud based services and infrastructure has placed unprecedented strain on data centers and telecom/cable operators’ optical networks and presents a significant opportunity for Menara’s differentiated products,” comments Siraj Nour El-Ahmadi, Menara CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder. “We view the combination with IPG as a force multiplier to not only expand our market share vertically and geographically but just as importantly to bring about innovative and differentiated turn-key solutions that will effectively address the large and growing global DWDM market.”

Menara Ships 120 km 10 Gbps Transceivers with OTN & FEC

Menara Networks introduced an optical transceiver based on its OTN “System-in-module” DWDM XFP platform and featuring up to 120 km reach with integrated Forward Error Correction and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Menara said it achieves 120 km reach on standard single mode fiber without the need for optical amplification and/or dispersion compensation. The unamplified 120 km reach is achieved as a result of Menara’s superior performance of its optical transmitter and receiver designs, and the integrated Forward Error Correction coding gain afforded by Menara’s proprietary integrated circuit. Menara 10 Gbps XFP 120 km reach transceivers are MSA compliant and Telcordia qualified, compatible with both 10G Ethernet and 9.96 Gbps SONET/SDH line rates, consume under 3.5 Watts, and are compatible with all major routers and MPLS switches in the industry.