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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Open source Istio cloud service mesh reaches 1.0 release

The Google-inspired, Istio open-source project announced its 1.0 release.

Istio is intended to be a service mesh that collects logs, traces and telemetry, and adds security and policy without embedding client libraries. The software offers APIs for integrating with systems for logging, telemetry and policy.

Google describes Istio as a key step toward delivering its Cloud Services Platform. Istio could be used for measuring traffic between services: requests per second, error rates and latency.

Google notes that IBM is a key collaborator and co-founder of Istio, and Lyft’s Envoy proxy is a key component of the project. Datadog, SolarWinds, Sysdig, Google Stackdriver and Amazon CloudWatch offer plugins to integrate Istio with their products. Other companies supporing Istio include Cisco, Red Hat, and VMware.