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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Intros 400G IP Router Interface with DWDM Optics

Alcatel-Lucent introduced a 1-port 400G IP line card with integrated, tunable DWDM optics that enables data transmission between existing Alcatel-Lucent IP Routers at speeds of 400 Gbps line rate over hundreds of kilometers.

The new Alcatel-Lucent 1-port 400G IP line card, which is powered by the company's FP3 400G routing processor, provides the industry’s first ‘clear channel 400G’ capability, avoiding the need to aggregate IP traffic over multiple 100G links. It could also be used to interconnect routers at 400G using alien wavelengths over a DWDM transport network. The 1-port 400G IP line card will be available for use in Alcatel-Lucent’s XRS IP Core Routers and on its 7750 SRs in the second-half of 2015.

Alcatel-Lucent will also be introducing GMPLS-UNI (Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching User Network Interface) to its IP router portfolio in the second half of 2015.  This will enable operators to coordinate the optical and IP network layers. Greater control plane co-ordination between IP and optical networks can deliver efficiency gains of 40%, according to a recent study by Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent.

"Networks need to evolve to ever higher capacity and port speeds, but changes can be costly. The transition from 10G to 100G was very disruptive for many network operators, but today we can say we are the first router vendor to enable the transition from 100G to 400G link speeds, leveraging our FP3 technology so that there is no disruption to operators in terms of  having to retrofit or forklift their installed hardware base,” stated Steve Vogelsang, CTO for IP Routing and Transport.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Brazilian Network Information Center Deploys Cisco 100G IP/DWDM

The Brazilian Network Information Center ( has deployed Cisco 100 Gbps IP and IP/DWDM technologies to expand the Internet Exchange’s largest facility.  The deployment features the Cisco ASR 9000 Series router and covers Sao Paulo and other major cities.  The network will include VPLS (virtual private LAN services) and IP over DWDM at 100 Gbps.

The Sao backbone, which connects more than 400 autonomous systems from Brazilian states and other countries, has seen a significant increase in bandwidth requirements driven by the growing high-speed Internet service and the number of subscribers in the Brazilian market.  Cisco said its upgrade ensures can meet its growing Internet Protocol capacity needs without forcing an upgrade to any existing fiber infrastructure.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Telefónica Tests Long-haul IP-over-DWDM with Cisco

Telefónica Global Solutions completed a long-distance, 100 Gbps IP-over-DWDM (IPoDWDM) technology trial with Cisco.

The trial used integrated coherent 100 Gbps optical interfaces in the Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System (CRS) to generate a standards-compliant 100 Gbps "alien wavelength" directly into Telefonica's existing submarine network between Boca Raton, Florida and Puerto Rico. The total distance was a record-setting 4,000 kilometers (nearly 2,500 miles). The underwater round trip span consisted of DWDM transport systems from multiple vendors – the longest such IPoDWDM test ever completed. Additional shorter tests using only terrestrial fibers were also successful.

Cisco said that integrating the DWDM components into the router eliminates the need for a costly external transponder.  Its nLight coherent technology also eliminates the need for additional dispersion compensation units and electrical and optical regeneration equipment that cannot be added to an existing submarine cable links. This helps further reduce capital and operational expenses.

"Integrating long-haul transport interfaces such as coherent 100Gbps IPoDWDM into routers lowers capital expenses while helping to ensure that bandwidth demands on service provider core networks can easily be met. Proving that our nLight silicon works to 4,000 kilometers shows that IPoDWDM is ready to be deployed on many of the world's submarine and terrestrial links," stated Bill Gartner, vice president and general manager, High-End Routing and Optical business Unit, Cisco.