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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Powerline Spec Approved -- IEEE 1901.2 - for Electical Smart Grids

The HomePlug Alliance applauded the approval of the IEEE 1901.2 Standard for Low-Frequency Narrow-Band Powerline Communications.

The new standard enables urban and long-distance communications through existing transformers in the electricity distribution network using frequencies below 500 kHz, while supporting data rates of up to 500 kbps.

The HomePlug Alliance is launching a "Netricity" certification and marketing program for the 1901.2 standard.   Netricity product applications include:

  • Utility grid modernization
  • Distribution automation
  • Meter-to-Grid connectivity
  • Micro-grids
  • Grid sensor communications
  • Load control
  • Demand response
  • Net metering
  • Street Lighting control
  • Photovoltaic panel monitoring

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