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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Intel and Google Alliance Looks to Multi-Cloud Enterprise IT

Intel and Google announced a strategic alliance to help enterprise IT deliver an open, flexible and secure multi-cloud infrastructure for their businesses. The companies agreed to collaborate on Kubernetes (containers), machine learning, security and IoT.

One area of focus is the optimization of the open source TensorFlowOpens in a new window library to benefit from the performance of Intel architecture. The companies said their "joint work will provide software developers an optimized machine learning library to drive the next wave of AI innovation across a range of models including convolutional and recurrent neural networks."

Intel and Google are also working on the Kubernetes open source container management platform in multicloud environments. The goal is to drive optimizations to Kubernetes to take full advantage of Intel architecture including performance optimizations, improved infrastructure management, and further enhanced security for enterprise workloads.

Google Builds a Custom ASIC for Machine Learning

Google has developed a custom ASIC for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is tailored for TensorFlow, which is an open source software library for machine learning that was developed at Google. In a blog posting,  Norm Jouppi, Distinguished Hardware Engineer at Google, discloses that the TPUs have already been in deployment in Google data centers for over a year, where they "deliver an order of magnitud