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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Gigaphoton to double production of excimer laser light sources

Gigaphoton, a manufacturer of light sources used in semiconductor lithography, announced plans to double its production capacity of excimer laser light sources by 2023. The company is constructing a new facility, with its doors to open in April 2022, in order to establish a more stable supply system. 

Katsumi Uranaka, President & CEO of Gigaphoton said, “With demand for semiconductors on the rise around the world, we will do our utmost to meet the demand from our customers. This fiscal year, we will make full use of our existing resources for production and improve the efficiency of our production planning and lead times. Next year, the new facility will be completed and we will have a more stable supply system in place. As a manufacturer of lithography light sources, which are essential for semiconductor manufacturing, we will continue to contribute to the industrial sector by supporting the supply and operation of our products in a responsible manner.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gigaphoton ships new light source for

Gigaphoton announced mass production and shipment of its ArF immersion "GT66A" light source, which is based on its state-of-the-art semiconductor lithography manufacturing.

The new ArF immersion "GT66A" light source is equipped with a newly developed optical module that  improves the beam uniformity on the exposed surface and reduces the roughness by increasing the temporal coherence length by at least 3 times that of the existing model. The maintenance cycle of the module has been extended by 30% with the introduction of the latest components with high durability.

GT66A is now certified as a light source for the latest ArF immersion lithography equipment NXT:2050i by ASML, the leading Dutch company, and mass production and shipment of the light source to end-users will now commence.

Katsumi Uranaka, President and CEO of GIGAPHOTON, said: "In recent years, semiconductor chips are required to support even faster communication speeds and process larger amounts of data. This is mainly supported by the miniaturization of logic and memory semiconductors and requires higher productivity through further innovation of lithography technology. GIGAPHOTON will continue its contribution to the development of the next generation of industries by improving the imaging performance through technological innovation and increasing the availability of light sources."