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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Telefonica selects Casa Systems Femto Cells

Casa Systems, a supplier of next-generation distributed and virtualised solutions for mobile, fixed broadband and cable access networks, announced that Telefónica Spain has selected it to supply 4G femto cells that will be deployed to improve in-building service and coverage for residential customers.

Telefónica serves around 349 million fixed, mobile and broadband commercial and residential accesses worldwide, and is seeking to increase the density of its mobile network to address growing demand resulting from new devices and applications. As part of this initiative it has selected 4G femto cells from Casa's Apex Ultra-Broadband 4G small cell solution offering.

By installing femto cells in its network, Telefónica can increase network capacity and availability for customers, as well as prepare for the future transition to the 5G.

Casa's end-to-end small cell solutions are complemented by the Axyom ultra-broadband software framework, which enables high-density transport and access concentration in a virtual multi-access edge-computing footprint located at the network edge. The solution provides support for both 3G/LTE and WiFi technology.

The Apex Ultra-Broadband small cells support 3G and 4G cellular, WiFi, LTE-A, 3.5 GHz CBRS and MuLTEFire access technologies, while the Axyom small cell manager provides a unified management framework designed to enable zero touch plug-and-play provisioning and autonomous optimisation to improve performance and help reduce opex.

These technologies combine with the virtual mobile EPC of the Axyom software framework to create an end-to-end mobile architecture designed to enhance mobile network performance and support the transition to 5G in the future.

In February at MWC Casa Systems announced the expansion of its mobile solutions portfolio to support the migration to providing 5G services. Casa's upgraded Apex small cells, Axyom small cell manager and virtual mobile EPC solutions, including S-GW, P-GW, MME and SAE-GW offerings, combine to create an end-to-end mobile architecture designed to meet the demands of 5G.