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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taiwan's FarEasTone Launches LTE on APT700 Band with Ericsson

Taiwan's FarEasTone Telecommunications (FET) is the first mobile operator to launch a commercial LTE service on the APT700 band.  Ericsson was the key supplier for the deployment.

APT700 band is a globally standardized band for LTE which is gaining momentum across Asia and Latin America and has the potential to serve over 2.1 billion people.

Yvonne Li, President of FarEasTone, says: "We are proud to roll out the first commercial LTE network in the world on the APT700 band. Through our long and successful relationship with Ericsson, we achieved another significant advancement in the telecom industry."

Jan Signell, Head of Ericsson Region North East Asia, says: "This is a ground-breaking step both for Ericsson and for FarEasTone in Taiwan, and by deploying the APT700 LTE network, FarEasTone's
subscribers can benefit from a fast, enhanced service."

  • In October 2013 the Taiwanese government completed its LTE spectrum auction and six licenses were awarded on three frequencies: APT700, 900, and 1800 MHz. FET was awarded licenses on the APT700 and 1800 MHz frequencies.