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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Corsa Debuts Open Programmable Switch/Router

Corsa Technology, a start-up based in Ottawa, introduced its new Corsa DP2000 open programmable switching and routing platform for 10G and 100G subscriber-level networking, on-demand services and real-time network tuning.

The Corsa DP2000 allows network architects and operators to use APIs to dynamically partition the hardware into independent virtual SDN switches or routers operating at line-rate.

Corsa said its advanced traffic management and QoS features enable network operators to fine-tune traffic paths to ensure individual customers, subscribers or services receive their appropriate bandwidth and throughput.  In addition, per flow statistics for all traffic is available, offering unprecedented real-time network insights at the most granular level and enabling any manner of predictive traffic management or security.

Key capabilities of the new DP2000 series includes:

  • True network hardware virtualization enabling logical L2 and L3 network services via SDN programmatic control
  • Subscriber-level internet scale networking with per flow traffic engineering and advanced traffic management
  • Real-time network insights with per-flow traffic monitoring statistics
  • Multi terabit throughput with switch stacking
  • Open SDN programmability at multiple abstraction levels
  • The DP2000 series is scalable from 100G to 2.4T of throughput. 

“The DP2000 series is the first switching and routing platform to offer open programmable networking on a platform where you can dynamically slice a single physical switch into virtualized line-rate switching and routing instances that can support 100G of throughput. What compute has been doing for years, we now make possible at the core of the communications network," said Bruce Gregory, CEO of Corsa Technology. “We built this solution with WAN and metro applications in mind, because it is here that network architects are struggling to handle exploding volume and diversity of traffic and where our multi-context hardware virtualization has a huge impact.”

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Video: Corsa Demos SDN Metering and QoS

Corsa Technology is a networking company that offers a full, OpenFlow programmable data plane that delivers performance, flexibility, and scale. Its DP6400 series switch offers full support for OpenFlow 1.3, with multiple match/action tables, deep packet buffers and fast flow-mod update capability in a fully programmable platform.

At the recent Open Networking Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, California, Corsa demonstrated its new bandwidth metering and QoS capabilities.   Corsa also conducted a multi-vendor packet/optical optimization demonstration,  along with a demonstration of the new "Atrium" software release from the ONF.

The first use case for SDN-based metering and QoS involves large data set transfers, such as between major research facilities and super computer labs. Corsa's demo uses OpenFlow 1.3.

Presented by Bruce Gregory, David Whittaker, and Carolyn Raab.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Corsa Introduces SDN Metering and QoS for Big Data

Corsa Technology, a start-up based in Ottawa, unveiled new SDN metering and QoS (Quality of Service) capability for its line of performance SDN hardware. Bandwidth reservation is seen as especially interesting for organizations running Big Data workloads.

The traffic engineering function, which is based on OpenFlow 1.3, allows network architects to better manage bandwidth across their network with dynamic, policy-aware metering and QoS. Metering and queuing allows networks to create bandwidth profiles by putting limits and guarantees on traffic with particular classes.

Corsa said the advantage With SDN is that bandwidth limits are no longer fixed as part of a static topology and rigid hardware platform. Policy-aware provisioning can be dynamically pushed down to the flexible Corsa SDN hardware to make on-going adjustments to meters and queue assignments. The network can then make immediate, informed queuing and discard decisions under congestion. Real-time performance monitoring automatically returns meter statistics and is checked against policy such as SLAs. For network operators including service providers and ISPs, SDN metering and queuing allows new self-serve features to be offered such as “bandwidth reservation” where users can dynamically schedule and reserve bandwidth via separate class of service and meters.

“Dynamic, policy-driven networks is what SDN is about and SDN hardware solutions must be able to respond to these policy changes. SDN metering and QoS functionality is one important area for policy-driven networking requiring a very capable hardware solution,” said Yatish Kumar, Corsa Technology CTO. “Corsa’s line of performance SDN hardware has deep packet buffers, multi-table datapaths, and can support over a million active flows with flow modifications updated at >50,000 flow mods/sec. Together, these attributes make Corsa SDN metering and QoS a powerful tool for creating granular bandwidth profiles.”

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Corsa Raises Funding for its SDN Platforms

Corsa Technology, a start-up based in Ottawa, raised $16.5 million in Series B funding, for its work in SDN.

Corsa Technology, which was founded in 2013, is focused on delivering programmable, configurable data planes. Its DP6400 product line can be configured multiple networking functions, ranging from Layer 2/3 switching and routing at massive scale, to complex Layer4- 7 aware network elements that allow network orchestration to dynamically adjust data forwarding.

The new funding round was led by Roadmap Capital with participation from all previous investors including Celtic House Venture Partners, BDC Capital and a strategic technology company.

“Corsa is excited to be working with our new investor, Roadmap Capital, as we bring the DP6400™ family of advanced SDN data planes to full commercial release,” said Bruce Gregory, CEO of Corsa Technology. “Corsa has established itself as a leading WAN scale SDN hardware company with our innovative approach to SDN switching and routing, and this round of funding will enable us to grow the company and extend our lead in a multi-billion dollar market. To date in SDN, most of the investment and innovation has occurred on the software side of the equation. We know that WAN scale SDN-capable hardware is necessary to deliver the full value of SDN, and Corsa is filling this void in a unique way”

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