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Thursday, August 3, 2017

CloudVelox enhances One Hybrid Cloud

CloudVelox, a provider of cloud automation and orchestration software, announced release 5.0 of its One Hybrid Cloud software with new capabilities to enable automated mass migrations to data centres with VMware virtualised environments.

With the new release, One Hybrid Cloud enables three new use cases for enterprise customers with the flexibility to migrate workloads from any source to data centre environments including between data centres (DC to DC), rack to rack (intra-data centre) and migrate or repatriate workloads from the cloud to the data centre (cloud to DC).

Previously, CloudVelox offered capabilities including automated Application Blueprinting and automated network customisation to enable automated migration and recovery from the data centre to the cloud. The company noted that the new use cases deliver on its vision of enabling IT executives and partners manage a boundary-less data centre by enabling a dynamic pool of resources without boundaries and without lock-in.

CloudVelox noted that enterprise IT executives have concerns relating to their applications, including which applications run where, moving a workload to the correct operating environment/destination, and avoiding lock-in. To help address these issues, CloudVelox offers a software solution providing the flexibility to shift any workload in and out of data centres and clouds to help enable the most efficient running of a workload without re-factoring or re-engineering the application.

Using CloudVelox's One Hybrid Cloud 5.0 software, a single solution can automate the migration of workloads/applications from multiple sources (physical, virtual, public, private or hybrid cloud) to any destination (virtual, public, private or hybrid cloud), enabling new use cases utilising its patented Automated Application Blueprinting technology.