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Thursday, October 29, 2015

AWS Enables Direct Connect to its GovCloud

Amazon announced first availability of Direct Connect to its AWS GovCloud (US) region.  The first direct connect is from Equinix SV1 & SV5, San Francisco, CA.

AWS Direct Connect is recommended when working with large data sets, for real-time data feeds, and for hybrid environments with regulatory restrictions requiring the use of private connectivity.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Layer123: Verizon Expands Secure Cloud Interconnect Internationally

Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced a significant expansion of its Secure Cloud Interconnect service to Latin America and to additional sites in Europe and the U.S.

Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect service, a software-defined networking offering, helps enterprises seamlessly connect, manage and secure their cloud environments that often extend across multiple clouds and data centers around the globe.

In total, Secure Cloud Interconnect service now offers secure, private connections to six cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google, HP, Microsoft Azure Express Route for Microsoft Office 365/Skype for Business/Government Cloud, Salesforce; Verizon ) and three data center providers (Equinix, CoreSite, and Verizon) at more than 30 global locations in the Americas, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

“Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect allows users to connect to applications simply, securely and reliably,” said Shawn Hakl, vice president of enterprise networking and innovation for Verizon. “SCI customers will find our solution delivers an unbeatable combination of performance, security and efficiency to help enable their digital transformation while reducing the complexity often associated with cloud computing.”

Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect global footprint:

  • Amazon Web Services: Sao Paulo; Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York; Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo; London and Frankfurt, Germany 
  • Google: Chicago and Denver; and Hong Kong and Singapore 
  • HP: Atlanta (2); and Frankfurt and Russelsheim, Germany
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365: Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C.; London; Hong Kong and Sydney
  • Chicago and San Jose, Calif. 
  • Verizon Cloud: Sao Paulo; Culpeper, Va., Denver, Miami; and Santa Clara, Calif.; and London and Amsterdam.
  • Future expansion plans include a significant build out in the Asia-Pacific region slated to be completed this fall. 

Verizon Enterprise Solutions also announced the expansion of the Secure Cloud Interconnect in the public sector. The service – now available at more than 30 locations across the Americas, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region –  supports cloud (public, private and hybrid) and colocation solutions from a growing roster of connected cloud providers.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AT&T Sees Cloud Adoption Driving Net Bond Direct Connects

AT&T reports significant growth with NetBond cloud connectivity service during the course of 2015.

AT&T NetBond now provides direct connections to an ecosystem of 13 leading cloud providers. In the last year, AT&T has launched 9 new leading cloud services: Salesforce, Box, HP, VMware, Amazon Web Services, SoftLayer, Blue Jeans Network, Sungard Availability Services and Equinix. The carrier has just announced 3 new members being announced today: Microsoft GovCloud, Amazon Web Services GovCloud and Cisco.

“Businesses are embracing the economics and flexibility of cloud solutions,” said Jon Summers, senior vice president, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions. “NetBond is a large part of our strategy to deliver highly-secure cloud connections to leading providers. We provide our customers access from anywhere, at any time and on any device.”

euNetworks adds Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

euNetworks will begin offering direct access to Microsoft Azure for clients via Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute via its owned and operated fiber network across Europe.

“We are a bandwidth infrastructure company, owning and operating our own fibre networks that connect more than 260 data centres and 1,000 buildings across Europe as well as offering direct access to cloud platforms,” said Kevin Dean, Chief Marketing Officer of euNetworks. “Our relationship with Microsoft Azure means we offer unmatched direct access to this platform across our pan European footprint, offering significant benefit to companies as they move more of their IT infrastructure into the cloud.”

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

AT&T NetBond Connects with CSC Agility Platform for Cloud Services

CSC and AT&T are teaming up to offer an easier way for enterprises to manage workloads across hybrid cloud networks.

The joint solution integrates the CSC Agility Platform with the AT&T NetBond services, enabling developers to rapidly and consistently provision apps onto cloud and network services using automation. Users can access multiple cloud providers from a CSC Agility Platform single control plane over AT&T’s virtual private network. The CSC Agility Platform quickly applies policies to multiple clouds.

“We’re combining our strengths to provide a complete hybrid cloud management solution,” said Jon Summers, senior vice president, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions. “The CSC Agility Platform can manage multiple clouds from one dashboard and AT&T NetBond provides on-demand, dynamic network management.”

“We’re creating a more consistent blueprint for hybrid cloud apps. This makes the user experience easier and more complete, while improving conformance with enterprise guidelines. The joint solution does just that,” said Dan Hushon, CSC chief technology officer. “This is a step forward for enterprise cloud service -- end-to-end control helps the most complex environments work better.”

Monday, September 21, 2015

Interxion Brings AWS Direct Connect to Frankfurt Data Center

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new Direct Connect location at Interxion’s Frankfurt facility, enabling customers to achieve secure and high performance private network connections to AWS.

Customers can now connect directly to AWS through Interxion’s Cloud Connect platform, in addition to the traditional cross connect option. Cloud Connect enables customers to build and manage private, secure and high-performance VLAN connections to multiple clouds over a single physical SLA based connection.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paul Gampe: Console Uses ASN to Simplify Cloud Connect

Much like zip codes for the U.S. postal system, the Internet uses Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).  Paul Gampe, CTO of Console Inc., explains the idea of automating of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections so that enterprises no longer need to know about ASNs or BGP complexities when establishing a direct link to another enterprise or cloud service provider.

See 1-minute video:

Al Burgio: Console Aims for Enterprise Cloud Enablement

Console is a new start-up that is really about cloud enablement, says Al Burgio.  It's focus is on eliminating the complexity of establishing direct connections from enterprise networks to cloud services. The company's newly launched service is positioned as Interconnect 2.0

See 1 minute video:


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NTT Comm Launches Direct Connect to Azure and AWS

NTT Communications launched a Multi-Cloud Connect feature for its Arcstar Universal One services, enabling enterprises to access third party public cloud services through its high-performance MPLS network for enhanced security and improved connectivity.

Multi-Cloud Connect will initially offer direct access to Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms in Tokyo on August 26th, 2015, followed by London later this year.  The service is provided via a security-enhanced, private Layer 3 connection, not via the internet. NTT Comm is planning to expand the service globally.

Multi-Cloud Connect for Amazon is offered over dedicated 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 300Mbps, 400Mbps, and 500Mbps, as well as best-effort 100Mbps and 1G connections.  Multi-Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure is offered over dedicated 10Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1Gbps connections.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Global Cloud Xchange Establishes AWS Direct Connect

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, has established a direct access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via GCX's Cloud X Fusion in Sydney.  This provides the ability to establish additional interconnections across multiple locations and offer enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

GCX owns the world's largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 67,000 route kms which, seamlessly integrated with Reliance Communications' 200,000 route kms of domestic optic fiber backbone, provides a robust Global Service Delivery Platform.

"Secure, private and reliable connectivity to cloud services is always a key concern for enterprises as they embark on their cloud adoption journey," said Bill Barney, CEO of Global Cloud Xchange. "Using Cloud X Fusion, businesses can take advantage of our enterprise grade connectivity from 90 countries to securely connect their on-premise environments directly into an AWS Direct Connect port over our global infrastructure."

Monday, July 20, 2015

Video: Building Interconnects to the Big Cloud Providers

The cloud ecosystem is expanding at an astonishing pace and  Tata Communications is right in the middle it, says Mike Galvin, Vice President, Next Gen.

Tata Communications is focusing on the building blocks for hybrid clouds, including direct connectivity via MPLS or Ethernet to the major public cloud providers. The carrier is also enhancing its global IP backbone to make it fit for business with better predictability and reduced latency.

This video interview also highlights Tata's new partnership with Salesforce and existing interconnects with AWS, Microsoft and Google.

See 3-minute video:

Tata Communications Provides Interconnect to Salesforce

Tata Communications, which operates one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks and a Tier-1 IP network, announced plans to provide direct MPLS and Ethernet connections to Salesforce's cloud CRM solutions.

Through this global partner interconnect agreement, Tata Communications’ IZO Private platform will connect businesses to Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform, giving customers access to a one-stop-shop for end-to-end management that offers exceptional network performance and end-user experience. The carrier said its private network connections will deliver fast provisioning, increased productivity, and better privacy and data protection.

Denzil Samuels, Senior Vice President of Alliances, Salesforce, says, “Companies are transforming the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world. Tata Communications is accelerating this shift for its customers with the addition of Salesforce to the IZO™ network platform.”

Julie Woods-Moss, CMO and CEO of NextGen Business at Tata Communications, says, “Tata Communications’ partnership with Salesforce represents another milestone around our IZO™ cloud enablement platform. Our recent, independent research confirms that organisations are experiencing benefits they didn’t expect from cloud services and realizing competitive advantages from cloud deployments. We are committed to creating a global ecosystem that harnesses our extensive global network and enables global organisations to meet the needs of their businesses and drive customer success by adopting the cloud confidently and securely.”

Tata Communications' IZO ecosystem currently consists of over 20 network providers covering 34 countries and serving 85% of the world's GDP. It connects four of the largest cloud platforms, including Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and over 50 data centers across the globe.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An Overview of Verizon's Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) @VZEnterprise

See video:

Verizon's Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) allows direct connections into leading cloud providers (Amazon, Google, HP, Microsoft, Salesforce and Verizon) and three data center providers (Equinix, Verizon and CoreSite).

The service really represents an evolution of connectivity, says Shawn Hakl, VP of Product & Innovation at Verizon Enterprise.

Verizon's SCI now provides connections to six cloud providers (Amazon, Google, HP, Microsoft, Salesforce and Verizon) and now three data center providers (Equinix, Verizon and CoreSite). SCI is built on Verizon’s Private IP network that offers any-to-any connectivity of IP via MPLS, while providing the security and reliability associated with private wide-area networking solutions. Using Verizon’s Mobile Private Networking service, SCI is further extended to users of its 4G LTE service.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Alibaba's Aliyun Announces Cloud Marketplace Alliance Program

Alibaba's Aliyun cloud computing arm, is launching a global Marketplace Alliance Program (MAP) to boost public cloud services worldwide. The MAP program will provide enterprises worldwide with access to Alibaba cloud computing’s public cloud solutions. Essentially, the program enables Aliyun to localize its cloud computing offerings by partnering with other leading players.

Aliyun has data centers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and Dubai (under construction). As of June 30, 2014, Aliyun served more than 1.4 million customers directly and indirectly through independent service providers.

The initial Aliyun’s MAP partners include Intel, Singtel, Dubai holding company Meraas Holdings, Equinix, Hong Kong's PCCW, French website hosting and cloud services provider LINKBYNET, and Hong Kong public utility Towngas.

“The new Aliyun program is designed to bring our customers the best cloud computing solutions by partnering with some of the most respected technology brands in the world. We will continue to bring more partners online to grow our cloud computing ecosystem,” said Sicheng (Ethan) YU, vice president, Aliyun.

Commenting on the scheme, Raejeanne Skillern, general manager of Cloud Service Provider Business at Intel Corporation said, "For years Intel and Alibaba have collaborated on optimizing hardware and software technology across the data center for Alibaba's unique workloads. As a partner in Aliyun's Marketplace Alliance Program, Intel looks forward to continuing our collaboration to promoting joint technology solutions that are based on Intel Architecture specifically tailored to the rapidly growing market of international public cloud consumers."

“As one of the first global partners of Aliyun, Singtel will offer our customers even more choices in cloud infrastructure platforms in China and around the world,” said Lim Seng Kong, Singtel’s managing director (Global Enterprise Business). “With Singtel’s strong Managed Cloud services capabilities, extensive customer reach and strong suite of information and communications technology services, we can also provide the springboard for Aliyun to grow its footprint in the Asia-Pacific, which is one of the fastest growing markets for cloud services.”

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Equinix to Provide Direct Connect to Aliyun Cloud Services

Equinix signed an agreement with Aliyun, Alibaba Group's cloud computing arm, to provide direct access to Aliyun's cloud platform via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. Aliyun is the largest public cloud service provider in China and operates the country's largest content delivery network.

This will provide multinational, Chinese, and North American enterprises with dedicated and secure access to the full suite of Aliyun's cloud services. In addition to the Aliyun cloud platform, Equinix will also offer direct access to additional cloud-based services from Aliyun, including SaaS-based applications.  Expansion to other Equinix facilities in Asia and North America is anticipated.

"Our multi-national enterprise customers are increasingly asking for access to the Aliyun cloud platform, as they deploy cloud-based applications across Asia. By providing this access in two strategic markets, we're empowering businesses to build secure, private clouds, without compromising network and application performance," said Chris Sharp, vice president, cloud innovation, Equinix.

"Aliyun is very excited about our global partnership with Equinix, who not only has a global footprint of cutting-edge data centers, but has also brought together the most abundant cloud players and tenants in the cloud computing ecosystem on its Equinix Cloud Exchange platform.  Connecting the Equinix ecosystem with our Aliyun cloud services on Cloud Exchange will provide customers with the best-of-breed choices and flexibility," said Sicheng Yu, vice president, Aliyun.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

NTT Com Enhances its SDN-based Arcstar Universal One VPN

NTT Communications announced three new SDN-powered capabilities for its Arcstar Universal One virtual private network (VPN) service, which is available in nearly 200 countries.

By the end of May, NTT Comm will add:

  • Multi-cloud - enterprise customers will be able to connect to services on private clouds other than NTT Com's Enterprise Cloud, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
  • Asset Light - the Arcstar Universal One Advanced Option menu will offer an application acceleration function that does not require additional hardware at the enterprise's locations. End-to-end communications via the cloud, including from customer endpoints and applications on mobile devices, can be rapidly deployed by the enterprise via a portal for accelerated performance and on a reduced cost basis.
  • Multi-client - Arcstar Universal One Virtual, a virtual network service first launched in Japan, will now be introduced on a global basis. Global customers will use this function for highly secure cloud connection via various devices, such as PCs, smartphones and tablets, and various networks, such as Arcstar Universal One, the Internet and the networks of other service providers. This function will also be a world's first.

NTT Com said it is able to leverage SDN to shorten the provisioning time for these new services, as well as lower operational costs.

In January, NTT Communications activated a new API Gateway that enables customers and partner companies to use their own systems to directly view and control information to operate and maintain business services. The API Gateway, which leverages NTT Com's network and cloud services, is available from delivery centers in Japan, the USA and Europe.

Initially, the following NTT Com services will be compatible with the new gateway: Arcstar Universal One, Arcstar Universal One Virtual, and Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M, Enterprise Cloud, Cloudn, Nexcenter colocation, Arcstar UCaaS (Unified Communication), Arcstar SIP Trunking (External telephone), and Enterprise Mail.

NTT said the chief advantage of an API Gateway is that it les corporate customers to use NTT Com services faster and more efficiently.  The gateway standardizes API specifications for NTT Com services and simplifies deployment on the systems of customers and partners by leveraging the REST API and OAuth industry standards. Information on specifications and deployment will be readily available through a developers' portal. The gateway has multilayered security, including Web Application Firewalls, protection against DDoS attacks and unauthorized API access.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

XO Interconnects with Microsoft Azure through Equinix Cloud Exchange

XO Communications (XO) introduced direct links to Microsoft Azure through the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

XO now offers its customers dedicated connections to Azure at bandwidths of 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers in the Washington, D.C., area and Silicon Valley. Enterprises choosing 1 Gbps connectivity to the Azure platform also have the option of leveraging the XO Bandwidth on Demand service with usage-based billing and bandwidth commit rates ranging from 100-500 Mbps.

“Enterprises need to increase the velocity of their business growth while constraining total IT spending,” said Jake Heinz, senior vice president, marketing and product at XO Communications. “XO enables the evolution of the hybrid IT function whereby the IT organization becomes a trusted cloud services broker for the entire organization. With dedicated network connections to Azure, IT managers are now able to cost-effectively drive productivity by deploying true hybrid cloud architectures.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Egenera Launches Wholesale, Multi-Cloud Leveraging AWS and Equinix

Egenera launched a wholesale, multi-cloud management platform that enables managed service providers and VARs to offer hybrid cloud services while leveraging the resources of Amazon Web Services and the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Egenera said its Xterity platform enables its resale partners to quickly enter the cloud services market with their own branded service without up-front capital costs or ongoing management costs, and with the margins needed to ensure a profitable cloud services business. Xterity provides resellers with the ability to design, price and manage complex multi-tier and multi-cloud application environments for their end user customers. Xterity also includes the business and service management features.

Egenera's Xterity ties into the Equinix Cloud Exchange.  Its APIs currently support Amazon Web Services.  Egenera is looking to add support Microsoft Azure. It also integrates private cloud implementations.

The cited business continuity and disaster recovery services as growth drivers for its wholesale partners.  The service has been running in Ireland for a number of months and is now available globally.

“A global wholesale service like this makes it simple for partners to deliver a fully managed cloud service and deploy mission critical applications – all without having to build, manage or own their own infrastructure.  This frees resellers to focus on their customer relationships, create custom solutions and enhance their brand with their end users,” said Pete Manca, CEO of Egenera.

  • Egenera, which provides physical, virtual and cloud management, has acquired Fort Technologies, a cloud lifecycle software provider based in Dublin, Ireland. Fort’s cloud management capabilities were added to Egenera's PAN Cloud Director software for enterprises.  The deal also expandws Egenera’s sales footprint, partner network and customer base in EMEA. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Equinix Builds Programmable Network with Cisco Tail-f

Equinix is using Cisco's Tail-f Network Control System (NCS) as a foundational element for automating and programming the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Specifically, the Equinix Programmable Network is using the NETCONF and YANG capabilities in the Tail-f NCS offering to provider multi-vendor service orchestration. This enables Equinix to provide multi-cloud services in an agile and vendor-agnostic way, simplifying and accelerating cloud access for the enterprise.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange provides direct access to leading cloud providers such as AWS, Cisco, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, and others.  Equinix said the use of NETCONF and YANG provides the automation and programmability needed for rapidly accessing and managing these cloud services.

"Our goal with the Equinix Cloud Exchange is to provide multi-cloud interconnectivity solutions that satisfy high-performance application needs in a secure environment. Tail-f NCS is a key part of our foundational programmable network and allows us to provide multi-cloud services in an agile and vendor-neutral way. Tail-f's support for YANG also allows us to quickly define new services without the burden of vendor-specific configuration protocols," stated Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer, Equinix.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Equinix Cloud Exchange Now Reaches 19 Markets Globally

Equinix announced that its Cloud Exchange is now available in 19 markets globally — Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Osaka, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.  The service will add Melbourne and Zurich in the coming months.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds and multiple networks.  The goal is to give enterprises direct access to services for building sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions inside Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. Since launching the service in April of 2014, Equinix has added AWS, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SoftLayer, and others as cloud partners.

So far, the reports that nearly one hundred companies — enterprises, networks and cloud service providers — have joined Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Equinix also cited a rapid global adoption with the addition of network and cloud providers around the globe, including Telefonica, TI Sparkle and IX Reach in EMEA and NTT and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) in Asia Pacific. For this reason, the company recently acquired Nimbo, a professional services company focused on enterprise cloud infrastructure. Nimbo helps enterprises migrate existing legacy applications into a hybrid cloud infrastructure and connect legacy data centers to the cloud, especially AWS and Microsoft Azure.

In addition, More than 100 companies have deployed Equinix Performance Hub, a distributed network architecture that speeds network and application performance by placing resources closer to end users.

"Enterprises are choosing Equinix not only for our unmatched ecosystem and global footprint, but also because of these solutions that enable them to solve real-world challenges and advance their IT initiatives. With global enterprises like CDM Smith, GP Strategies and HarperCollins utilizing the Equinix Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange solutions, we're further cementing our position as the home of interconnected enterprise clouds," stated Tony Bishop, vice president, global enterprise, Equinix.