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Monday, April 20, 2015

Catbird Intros Discovery Tool for Virtual Fabrics

Catbird, a start-up based in Scotts Valley, California, introduced a software tool to help organizations discover, organize and analyze their virtual fabric to reduce security risks.

Catbird Insight works by first automatically discovering all assets within an organization’s virtual fabric.  It then allows grouping of these virtual assets into logical Catbird TrustZones (micro-segments) that can be monitored and analyzed for appropriate interactions, relationships and/or compliance based on network flow data. For example, all e-commerce applications might be grouped into one Catbird TrustZone so that security and compliance teams can validate whether the security policies associated within that Catbird TrustZone work effectively based on visualizing actual traffic flows.  From there, the solution provides visibility into all flows in and out of Catbird TrustZones with customized detailed reporting of traffic.

“Companies today want to adopt micro-segmentation to improve their security posture, yet find themselves lacking a good understanding of all the assets within their virtual fabric and missing insight into the baseline connectivity of those assets,” said David Keasey, CEO of Catbird. “With Catbird Insight, we easily and quickly eliminate these issues by providing a perfect inventory of assets and real-time network traffic and visualization, so organizations can easily define micro-segments and the fine-grained application-centric security policies protecting them.”