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Monday, January 8, 2018

CWDM8 MSA Group releases 400G 10 km optical spec

The CWDM8 Multi-Source Agreement group released a new technical specification for 400 Gb/s optical links up to 10 km over duplex single-mode fiber (SMF).

The group promotes the use of 8-wavelength Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing modern data centers and to support the deployment of 12.8T Ethernet switches and other advanced networking equipment with 50G SERDES. Current members of the CWDM8 MSA are Accton, Applied Optoelectronics, Barefoot Networks, Credo Semiconductor, Hisense, Innovium, Intel, MACOM, Mellanox, Neophotonics, New H3C Technologies, and Rockley Photonics.

The new specification, which is available at the organization's website, represents the industry’s first 400G 10 km interface specifically targeted for implementation in next-generation optical module form factors such as QSFP-DD or OSFP for high-density data center networking equipment.

The new 10 km reach specification joins the 2 km reach 400G specification that the MSA Group released in November 2017. These 400G CWDM8 optical interfaces were developed to support a wide range of high-bandwidth networking applications in data center, campus, enterprise, and metropolitan area networks.

Friday, March 24, 2017

MACOM unveils 100G CWDM4 transmitter

MACOM) unveiled the production ready MAOP-L284CN, a 100 Gbit/s CWDM4 transmitter L-PIC (lasers integrated with a silicon photonic integrated circuit) and supporting driver and controller IC chipset, and introduced its complete PAM4 technology chipset for 100 Gbit/s applications.

L-PIC solution

MACOM's L-PIC device combines four distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes utilising its patented Etched Facet Technology (EFT), four 28 Gbit/s Mach-Zehnder optical modulators integrated with CWDM mux, monitor photodiodes and an output coupler for operation over a single standard single mode fibre.

Using MACOM’s patented self-aligning etched facet technology (SAEFTTM) to enable precision attachment of the lasers to the L-PIC, the device allows customers to bypass optimising optical coupling with active alignment and curing by providing an integrated single device designed to reduce manufacturer assembly time and component cost.

The MAOP-L284CN L-PIC transmitter is available as part of a complete chipset platform, including the MAMF-011095 silicon PIC controller and MASC-37053A high-speed, low-power modulator driver. The chipset solution eliminates the need to assemble discrete components and reduces configuration and test costs.

MACOM noted that after the recent acquisition of AppliedMicro and its PAM4 technology, it will extend the L-PIC transmitter platform to support 200 and 400 Gbit/s switch-to-fibre applications.

PAM4 chipset

Supporting 100 Gbit/s data rates over a single wavelength to enable single fibre and four-lane parallel fibre connectivity for 100, 200 and 400 Gigabit Ethernet applications, MACOM's PAM4 chipset features a new TIA, transmit and receive CDR devices and linear electro-absorption modulated laser (EML) driver.

MACOM's new PAM4 chipset for single lambda 100/200/400 Gbit/s includes the following products:

1. MATA-005817 single-channel 53 Gbaud PAM4 linear TIA enabling 100 Gbit/s over a single lambda.
2. MAOM-005311 single-channel 53 Gbaud PAM4, 1.8 Vpp single ended linear driver for single lambda 100 Gbit/s EML transmitters.
3. MATA-03819 four-channel 53 Gbaud PAM4 linear TIA for 200/400 Gbit/s parallel fibre applications with PIN photodetectors.
4. MATA-03919 four-channel 53 Gbaud PAM4 linear TIA for 200/400 Gbit/s multi-wavelength single fibre applications with APD photodetectors.
5. MAOM-005411 four-channel 53 Gbaud PAM4, 1.8 Vpp single ended linear driver for 100 Gbit/s per lambda EML-based parallel/multi-wavelength transmitters.
6. MAOM-38051 four-channel 28 Gbaud PAM4 (56 Gbit/s) transmit CDR with 2.5 V differential pre-driver and adaptive equaliser for EML applications.
7. MAOM-38053 four-channel 28 Gbaud PAM4 (56 Gbit/s) transmit CDR with 2.5 V differential driver and adaptive equaliser for silicon photonics.
8. QMASC-38040 four-channel 28 Gbaud PAM4 (56 Gbit/s) receive analogue CDR with limiting amplifier for applications as a companion to the TIA.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Macom Announces CWDM4 L-PIC for 100G Datacenter Applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) introduced a silicon photonic integrated circuit integrated with lasers (L-PIC) for a 100G transmit solution for CWDM4 and CLR4 applications.

MACOM’s MAOP-L284CN features four high bandwidth Mach-Zehnder modulators integrated with four lasers (1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330 nm) and a CWDM multiplexer, with each channel operating at up to 28 Gbps. The L-PIC operates on a standard single mode optical fiber, and includes integrated tap detectors for fiber alignment, system initialization and closed loop control. A single fiber aligned to the output edge coupler of this 4.1 x 6.5 mm die is the only optical requirement for implementing this device into QSFP28 transceiver applications. MACOM is also offering the MASC-37053A modulator driver integrated with CDR, matched with this L-PIC™ for optimized performance and power dissipation.

“Silicon-based photonic integrated circuits, or PICs, enable integration of optical devices such as modulators and multiplexer onto a single chip. We believe that MACOM’s L-PIC™ solves the key challenge of aligning lasers to the silicon PIC with high yield and high coupling efficiency, making the adoption of Silicon PICs a reality for high-speed optical interconnects within the Datacenter,” said Vivek Rajgarhia, Vice President of Strategy, High-Speed Networking, for MACOM.