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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Arm expands its Neoverse data center server CPU porfolio

Arm is unveiling two new platforms in its Neoverse silicon portfolio for data centers CPUs: 

  • the Arm Neoverse V1 platform, delivering a single-threaded performance uplift of more than 50% over N1 and aimed at applications more reliant on CPU performance and bandwidth. Neoverse V1 supports Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE), which enables execution of single-instruction multiple dispatch (SIMD) integer, bfloat16, or floating-point instructions on wider vector units using a software programming model that’s agnostic to the width of the unit. Arm says SVE will ensure portability and longevity of the software code, along with efficient execution. Potential markets include high-performance cloud, HPC, and machine learning.
  • the Neoverse N2, which is the second-generation N-series platform, and aimed at the scale-out performance needs of applications across a range of use cases, from cloud to SmartNICs and enterprise networking, to power-constrained edge devices.  Neoverse N2 offers 40% higher single-threaded performance, compared to Neoverse N1, and retains the same level of power and area efficiency as Neoverse N1.
Arm's Neoverse roadmap now extends from 7nm devices currently in production, to 5nm designs in 2021 and 3nm in 2022.

Arm cited growing momentum for its Neoverse silicon across a range of data center applications. Operating systems and hypervisors, Xen, KVM, Docker containers, and, increasingly, Kubernetes have all announced support for Arm.