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Monday, May 31, 2021

Deutsche Telekom intros Speedport Smart 4 router with Wi-Fi 6

Deutsche Telekom introduced its new Speedport Smart 4 home broadband router, featuring Wi-Fi 6 mesh capability and a two-line OLED display that provides information about the status and supports easy connections for users using QR codes.

The Speedport Smart 4 uses up to nine antennas to ensure greater range and a speed of up to 6 Gbps. The integrated mesh technology enables fast and stable data transmission. Together with the new Speed Home WLAN mesh repeater, the router delivers Internet reception to every corner of the home. 

The router connects to up to five mesh-capable repeaters. The router supports MagentaTV and transmits several channels in high-resolution 4K/UHD.

The Speedport Smart 4 is suitable for ADSL, ADSL 2+ and VDSL connections. The device also supports vectoring, supervectoring, and fiber-optic connections. 

An additional fiber-optic modem is required for use on a pure fiber-optic connection. In addition to the connection for an analog telephone, the router also has an integrated DECT-CAT-iq base station on board. Up to five Speedphones thus enable phone calls in HD voice quality. The preset DECT and WLAN encryption via WPA3/WPA 2 Mixed Mode and the high-performance VPN solution Wireguard ensure a high level of security. It allows users to access the home network and the operating menu remotely.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

EE UK suffers broadband outage

EE's broadband service in the UK experienced an outage lasting many hours and impacting users in London, the Midlands, the southwest of England and Scotland. Online commentators attributed the outage to a fault with EE's DNS.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Australia's nbn Connects 2m Broadband Customers

Australia's nbn, which is building a national broadband network, announced that subscribers are being signed up to its network at an accelerated rate, with two million homes and businesses now connected and more than 4.5 million premises able to order a retail service on the nbn network.

The company stated that retailers are connecting more than 28,000 end users to high speed Internet services on the nbn each week, compared with 12,000 per week a year ago. As a result, with two million premises activated on the network, nbn is now one quarter of the way towards its goal of connecting eight million homes and businesses to broadband services over the nbn by 2020.

nbn noted that the speed of implementing connections enabled by the use of FTTN technology as a part of its multi-technology mix strategy has helped increase activation rates, with more than 670,000 premises connected to services over its FTTN and fibre-to-the-basement network within 18 months of launch.

In addition, the deployment of the nbn network is continuing to increase, with retailers currently able to offer services to more than 4.5 million premises, up by 1.3 million premises compared with March 2016.

nbn currently expects to reach the halfway point of the network roll-out around the middle of this year, and by mid-2018 expects to have the network deployment three quarters completed towards the 2020 goal of having 8 million premises connected.

As part of its multi-technology mix model, nbn recently announced plans to launch fixed wireless broadband services offering 100/40 Mbit/s wholesale speed tiers, primarily for customers in rural areas. The service is scheduled to be available from in early 2018. It noted that the fixed wireless network offers wholesale speeds of up to 50/20Mbit/s to nearly 500,000 premises across regional Australia, with around 170,000 premises are already connected.

For the six-month period ended December 31, 2016, nbn reported it had reached 3.8 million premises passed by the nbn, with 1.6 million premises connected to services. The company stated that as of December 2016 the weekly run rate for customer connections had reached approximately 20,000.