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Monday, September 21, 2015

Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat to Combine LTE + Satellite for Aviation Network

Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat have formed a strategic partnership to offer a European Aviation Network that combines LTE-based ground network and satellite capabilities for Europe. The service will deliver high-speed, in-flight high-speed Internet access.

The European Aviation Network will combine satellite connectivity from a new Inmarsat S-band satellite with DT's LTE-based ground network. Imarsat possesses 30MHz (2 x 15MHz) S-band spectrum in all 28 EU member states.

Lufthansa, which will be the first European hub airline to tral the service, plans to test satellite-based broadband service on board its European flights in summer 2016.  Lufthansa will take part in a flight trial program of the new European Aviation Network from 2017 onwards.

“This bold step will make Deutsche Telekom the first telecommunications operator to take the advantages of LTE technology to the European airspace and fits perfectly into our strategy to become the leading European telco,” explains Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. “As a groundbreaking innovation we will roll out a powerful terrestrial network based on LTE within the European Aviation Network. This will be the first aviation connectivity network in Europe powered by both LTE and satellite combined! Our technology leadership provides a solid foundation for the best customer experience possible – be that on the ground or in the skies – and enables us to work with the finest partners in Europe and beyond.”

"With this integrated network we can meet the need for capacity, flexibility and quality of service, including the ability to expand quickly to anticipate growth in demand,” says Andy Sukawaty, Chairman of Inmarsat. “The integrated satellite and complementary LTE-based ground network will ensure that Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom together deliver the fastest, best and most consistent in-flight broadband experience that meets the needs of airlines in this region. Combined with our global GX (Ka-band) and L-band services, we now have connectivity solutions for the cockpit and the cabin of any type of aircraft, flying in any geography."