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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Akanda Updates its OpenStack Astara

Akanda announced its new Mitaka release for open source network orchestration and virtualization.

Akanda is the major contributor to OpenStack Astara, which is a vendor-agnostic solution for open source network orchestration and virtualization. Astara does not require an SDN controller.

DreamHost, which is a web and cloud hosting provider based in Los Angeles, is using Astara to support more than 2,000 customers with thousands of virtual machines (VMs).

New features in OpenStack Astara include:

  • Over-the-Top Network Functions - OpenStack operators can bring their own network function to any Layer 2 network. 
  • Advanced Features for High Network Availability - higher levels of reliability and scalability for Layer 3 services, such as routing, load-balancing, and application performance management.
  • Lightweight IPV6 VPNaaS - Astara can now support up to 16 million IPV6 VPNs over VXLAN. IPV6 VPNs are a lightweight alternative to more expensive MPLS-based VPNs, which can't be decoupled from network hardware without significant vendor support. Many network experts consider IPV6 VPNs to be foundational for hybrid cloud and IOT use cases.

"The Mitaka release of OpenStack Astara introduces web-scale to virtualized network services," said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Akanda. "It's all about software defined hardware choices; new features that allows cloud operators to scale up and out, and radically simple OpenStack Neutron deployment. We're also excited about new services such as IPV6 VPNs, which are elemental for hybrid cloud and IOT applications."

Monday, October 26, 2015

Akanda Releases Astara Liberty Orchestration Code

Akanda, a start-up offering an NFV orchestration platform, announced its Astara's Liberty release for Layer 3-7 networking services.

The new version, which is now available to OpenStack operators, is the open source network orchestration platform's most substantial since its initial launch, and is Astara's first since becoming an official OpenStack project.

Some highlights of Astara's Liberty release:

  • More configurability: A new load balancer driver allows OpenStack operators to configure the platform to load and manage only the resources they choose. Current implementations include NGINX and NGINX Plus.
  • Quicker provisioning: Neutron resources are now much more quickly provisioned onto appliance VMs via a new service that manages pools of hot-standby appliance VMs.
  • Cumulus Networks integration: Tight integration and support for Dynamic Lightweight Network Virtualization gives OpenStack operators a complete, OpenStack-ready stack.
  • Higher availability: Active-active high availability and scaling improvements.

"Astara's first release as an official OpenStack project is an exciting one for OpenStack operators," said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO, Akanda. "The goal of Astara is to make Networking and DevOps' lives easier. With tremendous community support and momentum for the platform throughout its first year, Astara is the answer for massively simplified OpenStack networking stack that can replace traditional -- and expensive -- single vendor lock-in."

Akanda was incubated since 2012 by DreamHost.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Akanda Debuts Open Source NFV Platform

Akanda, a start-up incubated with DreamHost since 2012, launched out of stealth mode to deliver an open source Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform for cloud service providers.  The platform is already in use by 500+ tenants at Dreamhost and supporting 1,000s of VMs in its cloud compute service. DreamHost is now spinning-off the solution into Akanda, a start-up whose mission will be to accelerate open source NFV for cloud operators.

Akanda NFV implementation provides OpenStack integrated L3 network virtualization on a VMWare NSX L2 overlay. It interfaces with the OpenStack Neutron REST APIs and includes a sophisticated management and orchestration platform to monitor, configure, and manage virtualized routers. In the future, Akanda will be extended to virtualize additional network functions, including load balancing and firewalls, and will feature pluggable backends to alternative L2 overlays.

The company said intends to work collaboratively with all emerging open source communities and NFV projects including OpenStack Neutron, OPNFV and OpenDaylight.

DreamHost is providing $1.5 million in seed capital to Akanda. The team includes key former stakeholders in Inktank (now part of RedHat), the company that transformed the future of storage with the Ceph open source storage system. Henrik Rosendahl has been appointed Akanda's CEO. Simon Anderson, DreamHost’s CEO, will Chair the Akanda Board, and Jonathan LaCour, VP Cloud at DreamHost, will serve as a Director and technical advisor.

“Open Source is again proving to be the best way to tackle large, integrated software projects,” said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Akanda, Inc. “There is huge demand for open solutions up and down the networking software stack, and Akanda is well placed to garner new contributors and wider adoption given its roots as a core production-grade NFV platform at DreamHost.”

“DreamHost is excited to be co-founding and backing a new open source venture in Akanda,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “We’ve been running Akanda in production with thousands of compute instances for over a year, and we’re confident the platform will be incredibly flexible and useful to cloud service providers worldwide as it develops and matures.”

  • DreamHost currently proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs, and applications.