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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Supermicro Drives introduces 100/25 Gbit/s networking solutions for data centres

Super Micro Computer, a global supplier of compute, storage and networking technologies, announced general availability of 100 and 25 Gbit/s standard networking cards and onboard SIOM solutions, 25 Gbit/s MicroLP networking cards and onboard riser cards designed for the Ultra SuperServer based on chipsets from Mellanox, Broadcom and Intel.

Supermicro's networking modules are designed to deliver high bandwidth connectivity for advanced server and storage applications in demanding data centre, HPC, cloud, Web2.0, machine learning and big data environments, and target applications such as clustered databases, web infrastructure and high frequency trading.

Supermicro's new 25/100 Gbit/s networking solutions enable network fabrics for a range of application-optimised products. The AOC-S Standard LP series cards are designed for any Supermicro server with a PCI-e x8 (for 25 Gbit/s) or PCI-e x16 (100 Gbit/s) expansion slot, while the AOC-C MicroLP add-on card is optimised for its high-density FatTwin and MicroCloud SuperServers.

The Supermicro AOC-M flexible 25/100 Gbpit/s onboard SIOM series cards offer support for the Supermicro TwinPro, BigTwin, Simply Double and 45/60/90-bay top-load SuperStorage and 7U 8-way SuperServer platforms. In addition, the Supermicro Ultra series utilises the AOC-U onboard riser cards, 25/100 Gbit/s modules compatible with Supermicro and comparable third party switch products.

Supermicro's new modules supporting 100 Gbit/s include the AOC-SHFI-i1C omni-path standard card for HPC, AOC-MHFI-i1C/M onboard omni-path SIOM card for HPC based on Intel's OP HFI ASIC, the AOC-S100G-m2C standard card with dual-port QSFP+ connectivity and based on Mellanox ConnectX-4 EN chipset.

The company also introduced quad-, dual- and single-port 25 Gbit/s modules including the AOC-S25G-b2S standard card based on the Broadcom BCM57414 chipset, the AOC-S25G-m2S standard card, dual-port 25 Gigabit Ethernet controller using the Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx EN chipset, the AOC-S25G-i2S standard card implemented with the Intel XXV710 for data centres.

Further 25 Gbit/s products include the AOC-C25G-m1S MicroLP card, AOC-MH25G-m2S2T/M onboard SIOM card, AOC-M25G-m4S/M onboard SIOM card and AOC-URN4-m2TS onboard 1U ultra riser card, all based on Mellanox's ConnectX-4 Lx EN device.