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Monday, May 27, 2013

NTT Develops 10G LEAP Laser with 90% Power Reduction

Researchers at NTT have developed a Lambda-sacle Embedded Active Photonic-crystal (LEAP) Laser that enables 10 Gbps communications while using only 10% of the power of conventional lasers.  NTT believes the technology could be used for optical cross-connects between microprocessors, yielding significant reduction in power consumption and heat.

NTT Laboratories have been developing the LEAP laser to create the world’s first continuum wave operation of a current-injection photonic crystal laser with the threshold current of 390 microamperes at room temperature (20°C-30°C).  NTT Laboratories are aiming to market this laser in about 2016.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Huawei Updates its SingleFAN Access Platform for 10G PON, Copper Vectoring

Huawei announced its new generation multi-mode & dual-core MxU with support for PON/10G-PON multi-mode uplink and Vectoring downlinks over copper access at up to 100 Mbps.  Huawei's MxU is the key processing module in its SingleFAN solution, which is the company's unified platform for PON, P2P, DSL, coax, E1, and other network access infrastructure.

The upgraded MxU now leverages dual-core CPUs to improves processing speed and enable better system reliability, as timely protection switching will occur when a CPU subsystem is faulty.  Huawei's new MxU also features dual-BIOS technology, enabling automatic restoration should an error occur because of an upgrade failure or similar fault.  The MxU adopts an intelligent architecture that integrates path protection, remote monitoring, web-based management, VPN functions, and hardware support for Y.1731. This simplifies network performance monitoring and better caters to the needs of various service scenarios. The MxU also supports intelligent fault detection over PONs and real-time fault detection for voice services, shortening troubleshooting time.