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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oracle is Just Getting Started in Clouds: 19 of Top 20 SaaS Apps

Oracle is just getting started in the cloud, said Larry Ellison in a keynote address at Oracle Open World 2014 in San Francisco, but already almost every major enterprise SaaS application is built upon the Oracle database.  This includes, Ariba, SuccessFactors, NetSuite and many others. This give Oracle “the largest portfolio of applications [in the cloud] of anybody".

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure consists of over 30,000 server and 400 petabytes of storage.  It currently support 62 million users a day.

For Oracle, one path to the cloud is to offer a seamless Database as a Service, enabling enterprise customers to move workloads between on-premises and public clouds via tools in the Oracle platform. To ensure security, Oracle will provide full isolation for network, VM and OS instances.  Oracle Database 12c is now available as a cloud service,

The advantage of migrating database apps to the Oracle cloud, said Ellison, include the cost advantages of multitenancy, high-speed analytics delivered by Oracle, and social & mobile capabilities that the company is rapidly developing.  Ellison showcased the speed boost from the Oracle Database In-Memory option, which delivers up to 1000x gains compared to conventional row-based searches.

Oracle also introduced an automated real-time data backup system, a Flash storage system, and the latest generation M7 SPARC chip, which incorporates memory protection and accelerators for database queries and data decompression.