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Monday, June 6, 2016

Video: GBET - Simplifying and Standardizing Contracts Between Carriers

Reducing the administrative costs of telecom operators is difficult when the back offices retains stone age practices.

The mission of GBET (Global Business Exchange for Telecom ) is to adopt industry standard eXchange principles for international wholesale commercial, operational and financial transactions and foster collaboration among carriers across the value chain using best practices and transformational solutions.

Carriers must work together to simplify, automate and standardize the contracting process, says Simon Dodsworth, Chair of the GBET Executive Council.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Video: A Fundamental Shift in Corporate Security Thinking - BT Americas

There has been a fundamental shift in the way that companies think about security, says Kate Kuehn, Head of Sales - Security for BT Americas.

Security used to be an afterthought for technology deployments.  Now, security is the first thing that companies are considering, because it does impact every area of their business.

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Video: Simplifying Cloud Connectivity

Enterprises are looking for a secure way to connect to the cloud that they have visibility and control over.

Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Marketing at Global Capacity, says a key performance challenge is overcoming the "long tail" -- the long haul routes that operate users in one city from servers located far away.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Video: BT Americas - Cloud Security is a Board-level Issue

Security cannot be an afterthought when moving to the cloud. The perimeter has completely changed and is now about the individual and the data.

Identity and access management coupled with the cloud are of such critical importance that they have become board-level concerns, says Jason Cook, BT Americas' CISO.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Video: The Hottest Markets for Data Center Construction

The top data center markets in the U.S. include northern Virginia,  NY/NJ, Chicago, Silicon Valley and Texas.

For new construction, including at the hyperscale size, the Ashburn corridor in Virginia probably tops the list, says Edward Stewart, President of Nova Mission Critical.

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Video: Building UC Gateways to the Public Network - Inteliquent

UC providers need to find a network operator that can deliver a range of capabilities, including access to the public network.

Brett Scorza, CIO and EVP of Inteliquent, talks about Inteliquent's nationwide breadth and capabilities for next gen communication providers.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Video: DE-CIX - Increasing Internet Traffic Flows from East and South

Understanding Internet traffic patterns on a global basis is fundamental to improving user experience.  With its massive Internet exchange located in Frankfurt, Germany, and now many more exchange points worldwide, DE-CIX is ideally positioned to learn from the changing traffic flows.

In this video, Harald A. Summa discusses the increasing Internet traffic flow from the east and the south, and how DE-CIX has positioned itself to handle this change.

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Video: Hibernia - Demand Rises for Lowest Latency, Transatlantic Capacity

When it set out to build its new Hibernia Express transatlantic cable system, Hibernia Networks really was looking to achieve a couple of goals. The top goal was to provide absolutely the lowest latency across the Atlantic. Another ambition was to provide another diverse, high-capacity system that would be attractive to multiple customer segments.

In this video,  Al DiGabiele, SVP Product Management & Marketing at Hibernia Networks, talks about rising demand on the new cable system and a new protected-wavelength service with automated failure switching.

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Video: Digital Realty - The Connected Campus

Following its acquisition of Telx last year, Digital Realty is positioned to bring new switching and networking services to key locations.

Tony Rossabi talks about the "Connected Campus", where colocation and connectivity resources from Telx and integrated with Digital Realty's wholesale business.

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Video: Secure Cloud Connections - a perspective by Patrick Shutt @UnitasGlobal

Enterprises have absolute aspirations to move from their on-premise infrastructure to the hyperscale cloud.

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, speaks about building secure connections to the cloud for enterprises.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Video: Aquacomms - Introducing AEConnect Transatlantic Cable System

AEConnect is a new  sub-sea cable system that extends from Long Island, New York to a corresponding cable landing station on the west coast of Ireland.

Greg Varisco, COO of Aquacomms, introduces the key capabilities of AEConnect, which boasts capacity of 130 wavelengths, each at 100Gbps.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Video: Diversity of Connectivity is Key, Data Center Demand is Off the Charts

Demand for data center capacity is off-the-charts in many U.S. markets, such as Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas and Silicon Valley.

Tommy Gwinner, Director of Technology for Infomart Data Centers, discusses this booming demand and how purchasers are now requiring very specific network diversity options.

Video: Boom in the Dallas Data Center Market

Dallas is among the hottest markets for data center capacity in the United States. Aubrey Putney, Director of Marketing & Sales Operations at Infomart Data Centers, describes how the iconic "Crystal Palace" facility has been upgraded with a carrier-neutral, meet-me-room.

Infomart Data Centers has waived cross connect fees and built shared conduit pathways to bring in more carriers.

Video: DE-CIX - U.S. Expansion, Metro VLANs, New Frontiers

Since entering the U.S. market two years ago, DE-CIX has added over 120 networks to its Internet Exchange in New York. Ed d'Agostino, Vice President of North America for DE-CIX, says the company's positioning as a pure-play IX, rather than a data center offering IX, enables it to expand to new data centers and networks.

In this video, d'Agostino highlight's DE-CIX's unique metro VLAN solution, which is now connecting its New York and Frankfurt exchanges.

Video: Benjamin von Seeger's New Book - The Rival

Author Benjamin von Seeger discusses his recently published book "The Rival". Based on his two decades in the telecommunications industry, Seeger's work offers insight and perspective on doing business in this dynamic field.


Video: NJFX - A Carrier-Neutral, Meet-Me-Room in a Cable Landing Station

Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX, explains how this strategic position creates a convenient juncture for sub-sea networks to link up with fiber backhaul operators, resulting in pricing disruptions for transatlantic capacity.

The facility went live in September 2015 with 9 customers in the Tata landing station. Three more backhaul fiber providers then joined. Previously, subsea capacity was not available directly from the landing station. It was brought out for you to an in-land location such as 60 Hudson. NJFX says its position really disrupts that model, allowing purchasers of transatlantic capacity to go directly to the source.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Video: MEF - Delivering the Third Network Vision - #ITW2016

The MEF has defined its Third Network Vision for Agile, Assured and Orchestrated services worldwide.

How to deliver on this vision?

In this video, Nan Chen, President of the MEF, talks about three initiatives underway to make it a reality: (1) defining Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), (2) define new Third Network services (3) define an Open LSO or open connectivity service.

Video: Equinix - The Big Drivers - #ITW2016

Direct Connect to major cloud providers is one of drivers for enterprises, says Jim Poole, VP of Ecosystem Business Development at Equinix.

The growth of the Cloud Exchange business is another, along with the multi-cloud phenomenon, and the increasing need for enterprises to adopt a multi-location data center strategy. Finally, there is the idea of bringing the major subsea cables directly in data centers.

Filmed at this week's International Telecoms Week (#ITW2016) in Chicago.