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2020 Next-Gen Infrastructure Resource Sites

AvidThink, in partnership with Converge! Network Digest, has launched a combined research brief and video package offering that covers the hottest topics in technology infrastructure. Topics like edge computing, IoT, and SD-WAN will be featured on our joint site, along with a 6 to 8-page research brief covering the salient aspects of each technology trend. This is coupled with a series of videos that promote end-user engagement. Each site includes an overview video along with sponsored videos that highlight unique aspects of each vendor’s solution. Throughout the year we will rotate thought leaders at carriers, enterprises and vendors through the site to keep the content fresh.

Resource Site
Area of Coverage
Q1 2020
Next-Gen Data Center Networking
Data center SDN, disaggregation and white boxes, merchant silicon trends, security, network automation, programmability and intent-based networking, inter-DC connections.
Telco Infrastructure
Data center compute systems, CPE platforms, virtualization solutions including OpenStack, containers + Kubernetes, VMware, needs driven by edge and SD-WAN.
Infrastructure Acceleration
Infrastructure acceleration for NFV and cloud platforms, including both software and hardware. Coverage of DPDK, VPP, SmartNICs, FPGA, GPUs.
Q2 2020
Service Assurance
NFV, SDN and role of assurance, closed-loop monitoring, applicability of AI/ML in assurance, relationship with network automation, requirements of SD-WAN, 5G, Edge.
Enterprise Edge
(Private LTE, IoT)
Evolution of the enterprise edge, including SD-WAN implications. Rise of uCPE, white boxes. New services available at the enterprise edge, hosted private LTE, IoT gateways.
Carrier Edge
(5G, IoT)
Carrier edge evolution, including edge computing, next-gen central offices, 5G implications and IoT offerings for the edge. New edge use cases for carriers, connected vehicles, drones, smart cities, industrial automation.
Q3 2020
Container and Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure technology evolution, from OpenStack to containers, Kubernetes, bare metal management, VMware, including container storage and networking capabilities.
Evolution of SD-WAN, current status, relationship of SD-WAN to adjacent and evolving initiatives in enterprise security. Market landscape including state of managed services.
Q4 2020
Network Automation
Adoption of network automation. Tools, platforms and best practices. Relationship of automation to orchestration and programmability. Closed-loop, AL/ML systems.
State of NFV
State of virtualization within service providers. Role of NFV in 5G, IoT and Edge roll-outs. The rate of adoption of telco cloud technologies.
Open Source in Networking
Importance of open-source projects to networking. Covering gamut from infrastructure components (NFVI, VIM) to orchestration and automation. Including network security and container networking initiatives.

Target Audience

The audience for our sites include executives and technologists at enterprises, cloud service providers, and communication service providers. In general, these are professionals who already have a strong interest in the topic and represent a favorable customer demographic.

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Be seen as a thought leader in your industry by associating with credible, concrete, and actionable analysis.
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