Monday, November 21, 2022

Padtec creates board position for solutions, platforms and telecom services

 Padtec has appointed Alexandre Piovesan to a new board position dedicated to the area of solutions, platforms and telecommunications services. The purpose is to make the services unit even more strategic in the company, with a function dedicated specifically to the development of platforms and complete solutions for the telecommunications sector, in order to monitor – and even anticipate –market evolution.

Padtec's board of directors includes the CEO and Investor Relations director Carlos Raimar and the executives Argemiro Sousa, Business director, Roberto Nakamura, Technology director, Patricia Iqueda, Legal director, General Secretary and Compliance Officer, Ramon Pereira, Chief Financial Officer, and Manuel Andrade, CEO of Padtec North America and Director of International Operations.

Padtec offers remote management of telecom sites

Padtec introduced Smart Site, a new cloud-based service for the remote and real-time management of network environments (sites) of operators and internet providers (ISPs) distributed throughout the different regions of Brazil. Padtec plans to expand the offering worldwide.The Smart Site platform has features that centralize the service provider’s operation, allowing complete management of their sites, wherever they are – telemetry data are read by...