Sunday, November 20, 2022

FCC releases National Broadband Maps

The FCC published a pre-production draft of its new National Broadband Map, displaying specific location-level information about broadband services available throughout the country. By entering a U.S. address, it is possible to see which providers are offering broadband services at that premise. 

  • The Fixed Broadband Map shows the fiber, cable, DSL, satellite, or fixed wireless internet services available at each home or small business on the map. When you select a location, you can see which providers report making broadband service available at that location and the types of service or technologies and the maximum advertised download and upload speeds they each offer. 
  • The Mobile Broadband Map shows 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage of each mobile provider in the area displayed. The coverage areas reflect where consumers should be able to connect to the mobile network when outdoors or in a moving vehicle; the map does not show indoor coverage. The map also allows users to compare mobile wireless coverage reported by different mobile service providers.

The FCC will conduct a public challenge processes that will play a critical role in improving the accuracy of the map. An accurate map is an important resource for targeting funding and other efforts to bring broadband to unserved and underserved communities.

“Today is an important milestone in our effort to help everyone, everywhere get specific information about what broadband options are available for their homes, and pinpointing places in the country where communities do not have the service they need,” said Chairwoman Rosenworcel. “Our pre-production draft maps are a first step in a long-term effort to continuously improve our data as consumers, providers and others share information with us. By painting a more accurate picture of where broadband is and is not, local, state, and federal partners can better work together to ensure no one is left on the wrong side of the digital divide.”

The FCC also announced the launch of an updated version of the FCC Speed Test App that will enable users to quickly compare the performance and coverage of their mobile networks to that reported by their provider.