Tuesday, November 22, 2022

AWS region opens in Hyderabad, India

Amazon Web Services officially opened Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region, its second region in India.  The new Hyderabad facility offers three Availability Zones. 

Hyderabad, an important talent hub for IT and entrepreneus, is the capital and largest city in the state of Telangana. 

AWS noted its ongoing expansion in India. The company first established a presence in the country in 2011, with the opening of an office in Delhi.

In 2016, AWS launched the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region giving enterprises, public sector organizations, startups, and SMBs access to state-of-the-art public cloud infrastructure. In May 2019, AWS expanded the Region to include a third Availability Zone to support rapid customer growth and provide more choice, flexibility, the ability to replicate workloads across more Availability Zones, and even higher availability.

There are currently 33 Amazon CloudFront edge locations in India: Mumbai, India (10), New Delhi (7), Chennai (7), Bangalore (4), Hyderabad (3), and Kolkata (2) in India. The edge locations work in concert with a CloudFront Regional edge cache in Mumbai to speed delivery of content. There are six AWS Direct Connect locations, all of which connect to the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region: two in Mumbai, one in Chennai, one in Hyderabad, one in Delhi, and one in Bangalore.

Finally, the first AWS Local Zones launched in Delhi, India for bringing selected AWS services very close to a particular geographic area. AWS has also announced plans to launch three more AWS Local Zones in India, in the cities of Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.


AWS Region opens in Spain

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AWS opens in Zurich

Amazon Web Services officially opened AWS Europe (Zurich) Region.With the launch of the AWS Europe (Zurich) Region, AWS has 90 Availability Zones across 28 geographic regions, with announced plans to launch 21 more Availability Zones and seven more AWS Regions in Australia, Canada, India, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, and Thailand. AWS Regions are composed of Availability Zones that place infrastructure in separate and distinct geographic locations....