Tuesday, November 22, 2022

AirGain to supply wireless modems for EV charging network

Airgain announced a multi-million dollar contract to supply its NimbeLink embedded modems to a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to its expanding nationwide network. 

Airgain’s line of NimbeLink embedded modems are end-device certified, bypassing what is often months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars in cost required to certify a device through cellular carriers. In addition, all RF components are included in the modem’s electronics, eliminating the need for RF design on the motherboard. The only requirement is a standard 20-pin connector, which allows for interchangeable modems and wireless modules. 

The company says this new contract is the latest for Airgain in a growing niche that includes several top manufacturers who require reliable connectivity for maintenance, status tracking, usage monitoring, payment processing, geolocation, etc.

“Connectivity is a catalyst to growth in EV charging,” says Brian Critchfield, Vice President of Marketing at Airgain. “Whether it is the customer who uses an EV charging station or the operator who manages it, connectivity is the backbone. With such rapid market growth upon us, manufacturers do not have time to wait for cellular carrier certification and often don’t have the RF engineers on staff to address the growing complexity in wireless. Airgain’s line of NimbeLink embedded modems simplify wireless connectivity by offering an elegant solution that shortens time-to-market and eliminates the need for in-house RF expertise.”