Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Padtec offers remote management of telecom sites

Padtec introduced Smart Site, a new cloud-based service for the remote and real-time management of network environments (sites) of operators and internet providers (ISPs) distributed throughout the different regions of Brazil. Padtec plans to expand the offering worldwide.

The Smart Site platform has features that centralize the service provider’s operation, allowing complete management of their sites, wherever they are – telemetry data are read by sensors and commands are sent remotely to installed actuators on each monitored site. An important differential of Padtec’s new service is the possibility of using systems (software) and equipment already installed in customers’ environments, without the need for new investments.

For a monthly fee, the operator or provider can remotely monitor and control security systems – with presence sensors, cameras and access control – and energy, temperature and humidity (internal and external) and also operate the air conditioning systems of their sites. All this in a single web environment, which also brings, among other features, the map service with the location of all monitored sites.

“With this service, Padtec starts to offer its customers a complete and effective tool to deal with the complexities inherent to the management of network environments, minimizing the risks of continuity of critical operations”, explains Carlos Raimar, Padtec’s CEO. “Remote management, through automation resources and functionalities that simplify the monitoring and control routine of distributed sites, often in very distant regions, brings efficiency and productivity gains”, he adds.


FiBrasil partners with Padtec on Network Operations Center

FiBrasil, a Brazilian operator of neutral networks, has formed a partnership with Padtec focused on managing the operation of its communication networks in Brazil. The services include monitoring and technical support through Padtec’s Network Operations Center (NOC).Located at its headquarters in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, Padtec’s NOC offers remote network monitoring and support services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services...