Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Brazil's Forte Telecom upgrades to 800G transponders with Padtec

Forte Telecom, a carrier of carriers in Rio de Janeiro, is upgrading its backbone with 800 Gbps transponders from Padtec. 

The upgraded infrastructure will cover  thousands of kilometers in the stretches between the capitals of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo and in the metropolitan region of Rio, reaching a total transmission capacity of 8 Tbps.

For the expansion, the provider used a credit line from the credit rights investment fund (FIDC) launched by Padtec together with BNDES Participações (BNDESPar) in 2021, which uses resources from the Fund for the Technological Development of Telecommunications (FUNTTEL)  from the Ministry of Communications. The objective, in this case, is to facilitate access to capital resources by small and medium-sized Brazilian industries operating in the telecommunications sector.

For Sérgio Simas, Forte Telecom’s CEO, one of the main advantages of this generation of transponders is to combine high data transmission capacity and less equipment, reducing the cost per transmitted bit – as well as energy and space consumption, which are scarce in telecommunications environments. “This meets our objective of building a high-performance network to evolve our service offering and respond quickly and flexibly to the constant changes in the data traffic profile resulting from the growing demand for broadband”, he says.

Carlos Raimar, Padtec’s CEO, emphasizes that the offer of different credit options reinforces the company’s commitment to the success and growth of its customers. “For some years now, Padtec has been dedicating efforts to make the expansion of the networks of regional operators financially viable”, he says. “The lines of credit bring new options of resources for investments in the expansion of its operations, as well as in the increase of the capacity and quality of its networks, in order to support the growth of demand in the time that its business and its customers demand”, adds Raimar.