Thursday, September 29, 2022

ADVA launches pluggable 10G edge demarcation device

ADVA introduced a pluggable 10Gbit/s demarcation SFP+ device specifically designed for space-constrained environments. 

The ADVA NIDPlug+ device consumes less than 2.5 watts and provides enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) with the comprehensive management capabilities needed to deliver strict SLA-based Carrier Ethernet. With standards-compliant performance assurance and service activation testing, it integrates seamlessly into existing networks and enables MEF 3.0-compliant mobile and business services.

“Today’s launch answers the urgent need of network operators to deliver high-speed Carrier Ethernet in environments where standalone demarcation solutions can’t be deployed. With its low-power consumption, our NIDPlug+™ offers a highly cost-effective route to getting more from existing infrastructure,” said Eli Angel, VP of product line management at ADVA. “CSPs throughout the world trust our demarcation products to provide assured bandwidth services. Now, they can easily plug this technology into an existing switch, router or other customer premises device that requires network connectivity. We’re empowering operators to scale up their network capabilities while ensuring lower cost per bit and reducing the expense of ongoing operations.”

ECOC22 Update: ADVA's Optical Engines optical engines!Here is an overview from Saeid Aramideh, VP of Business Development, Optical Engines Business Unit, ADVA.Learn more about the Consortium for Onboard Optics and why your company should join:https://www.onboardoptics....

ADVA launches AccesWave25 optical transceiver

ADVA launched its AccessWave25 pluggable optical transceiver for mobile X-Haul, cable access and wholesale networks.The SFP28 transceiver offers 25 Gbps connectivity and a reach of 40km and features G.metro auto-tuning technology to reduce provisioning efforts and simplify operations. It uses less than 3 watts and has an I-temp hardened design.“Our AccessWave25 is the key to unlocking more bandwidth at the edge. Now network operators have an easy,...

ADVA introduces new 10G edge device

ADVA introduced an outdoor 10G Carrier Ethernet edge demarcation device that complies with MEF 3.0 specificationsThe ADVA FSP 150-XO106 is compact and temperature-hardened, making it ideal for deployment in space-restricted locations and harsh outdoor conditions. Requiring no cabinet or cooling, it can be easily deployed on walls, poles and cell towers. The feature-rich solution includes advanced OAM capabilities, supports precise synchronization...