Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Verizon upgrades its core network for 400G with Juniper's PTX series

Verizon is refreshing its core network with Juniper Networks' PTX series routers supporting 400G interfaces. 

Verizon said the new equipment is half the size of the existing equipment, reducing space requirements in core facilities and driving down both power usage per GB and cost per GB to operate. In addition, the new equipment offers an advanced level of automation, allowing for automated interfaces with other network systems.

Verizon also highlighted the redesign of its network architecture to spread the equipment out to additional facilities across geographies, building in an additional level of redundancy with the ability to reroute traffic onto a greater number of fiber routes when needed. 

“Our fiber network is the largely invisible foundation that is a key driving force behind providing the scalability and reliability our customers need and expect,” said Kyle Malady. “This new packet core will provide the reliability and capacity we need today, but more importantly will be able to scale to meet the forecasted future demands that will result from the incredible capabilities of our robust 5G network, the platform for 21st century innovation.”

In June of this year, Verizon announced that data traffic on its 5G Ultra Wideband network had already increased 249%, and it expects exponentially higher increases as more customers adopt the new technology and begin to experience the robust capabilities and performance of 5G Ultra Wideband. The new optical core, which is being built to meet customers’ growing demands through 2032, is upgradeable to future 800 Gbps and 1 Tbps per port optical technology, allowing Verizon to manage 230 Tbps of data at any given time.


  • Juniper’s PTX10000 line is optimized for scale-up and scale-out architectures, supporting future 800G and boasting system capacity of up to 230.4 Tbps. The PTX10000 line is powered by Juniper’s current generation Express4 silicon and upgradeable to the coming Express5 silicon. The PTX also features native 400G inline MACsec encryption. Three configurable PTX10000 models have been announced: PTX10004 (4-slot), PTX10008 (8-slot), PTX10016 (16-slot).

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