Thursday, August 4, 2022

NEO Semiconductor unveils its X-DRAM

NEO Semiconductor introducted its X-DRAM, a new class of memory promising improvements over conventional DRAM by lowering the power consumption and increasing the performance. Specifically, the X-DRAM architecture lowers refresh power by 85% and activation latency by 50%.

The company says its X-DRAM is compatible with current DRAM manufacturing technologies, processes, structures, and dies. X-DRAM has a wide range of use cases, from cloud servers to mobile devices to IoT objects. 

"Not only is X-DRAM expected to have a significant impact on the global DRAM market, but it will also serve environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals," says Andy Hsu, Founder and CEO of NEO Semiconductor and an accomplished technology inventor with more than 120 granted U.S. patents. "X-DRAM can lower refresh power by more than 80% through a combination of 50% refresh frequency and 25% refresh time. It also lowers main memory latency and narrows the processor-to-memory performance gap. As a result, it dramatically reduces the power consumption of IT infrastructure and consumer products, leading to much lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions."

Power consumption and latency performance have led to alarming environmental and economic concerns. Products incorporating X-DRAM will be able to address these "DRAM fab manufacturers have been innovative in utilizing new materials, developing new processes, increasing memory density, and achieving reduced cost," said Jay Kramer, President of Network Storage Advisors. "Even with all the success with each generation of DRAM technology, X-DRAM enables DRAM manufacturers to implement a new architecture to achieve considerably lower power for environmental sustainability and improved latency for higher system and device performance."