Thursday, June 16, 2022

Telefónica pursues circular economy plan for its telecom gear

Telefónica is pursuing a circular economy plan for the reuse of its telecommunications equipment among its Group operators and with other third parties. The goal is to offer a second life to devices. 

The plan is for each operator to publish and visualise available equipment to promote its reuse, supported by a digital platform and a simple operating model that facilitates the movement of equipment between the countries where the Group operates, especially in Latin America. When internal reuse is not possible, MAIA makes it possible to connect with multiple technological partners to facilitate the sale of this equipment and thus extend its useful life.

“Every year more than 100 billion tonnes of resources enter the economy and only 8.6% are recycled. This is an unsustainable situation that we all need to reverse with more circular processes and supply chains. MAIA is an example of how by bringing together the best technological and operational capabilities we can carry out this transformation that has allowed us to create an ecosystem of collaboration between companies and partners to substantially increase the reuse of equipment”, says Fernando Valero, Global Supply Chain Director at Telefónica.

The MAIA project began at the end of 2020 and is currently present in all its operators. Thanks to this initiative, Telefónica has managed to reuse more than 73,000 pieces of equipment to date, aligning itself with the sector’s goal of being a Zero Network Waste company by 2025 through the reuse, sale of refurbished equipment and recycling of 100% of our network equipment.