Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Tech Update: Market Traction for MEF LSO APIs

MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) is a reference architecture and framework for enabling end-to-end automation and orchestration, across multiple provider networks.  LSO defines the reference points between key functions within the service provider and extending out to the enterprise and the cloud. MEF standardizes these reference points, developing information models, business requirements and use cases, and data schemas, packaged within SDKs that enable developers to build open APIs to support each reference point. 

Here is an update from Michael Kearns, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Amartus and Co-Chair of MEF LSO Subcommittee, covering:

  • What primary use cases are emerging for MEF LSO APIs by global Service Providers? 
  • How are Service Providers leveraging LSO APIs to meet enterprise demand?
  • Are we reaching a market inflection point for MEF LSO APIs?

More info on MEF LSO is here:

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