Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lightwave Logic cites patent for silicon photonics polymer fabrication

 Lightwave Logic announced the publication of a U.S. patent application on a new invention that will enhance polymer modulator manufacturing in high-volume foundries when integrated with silicon photonics.

This patent application – entitled "Hybrid electro-optic polymer modulator with silicon photonics" under publication number 2022/0187637A1 –  details a novel fabrication process that allows Lightwave Logic's proprietary polymers to be fabricated by silicon foundries in a high-volume manufacturing environment.  The published patent application also details a more efficient process that allows for high yielding, high stability poling of polymers in a high-volume foundry manufacturing environment.  The development of the PDK for this new optical hybrid optical modulator design is now in progress with Lightwave Logic's foundry partners.

Dr. Michael Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic, commented: "This patent application is incredibly powerful in that it better enables our polymers to be fabricated in high-volumes by our silicon foundry partners, all using their existing equipment. While we already have reliable and stable fabrication processes such as poling, we also need to be comfortable that we can scale these processes for high-volume manufacturing. I see this published patent application as another critical step towards the maturity of polymer technologies both as a photonics integrated platform as well as a volume-scale technology. 

"This patent allows our polymer technology platform to become the engine for pluggable fiber optic transceivers that are being utilized throughout today's internet infrastructure. Enabling foundries to also establish a high-yielding, highly stable fabrication process that includes poling is critical to positively change the internet and enable faster data transfer – thus improving the lives of countless millions who rely on the internet for work and leisure," concluded Lebby.


Lightwave Logic cites hybrid polymer-silicon photonics innovation

Lightwave Logic announced the publication of a U.S. patent application on a new invention that will simplify polymer modulator fabrication when integrated with silicon photonics for high-volume foundry manufacturing applications.The company said its patent application - entitled "TFP (thin film polymer) optical transition device and method," - illustrates the design of a simpler to fabricate, lower cost hybrid integrated photonics chip using electro-optic...

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