Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Edgecore intros 400G disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG)

Edgecore Networks announced a new flagship 400G disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG).  

The Edgecore CSR440 offers an open and disaggregated platform that hosts software components from different NOS vendors, such as RtBrick, ADVA, IP Infusion, and Capgemini, which enable the device to act as an access or aggregation router in the network, or also fit a role in Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) applications.

The CSR440 provides a combination of 1/10/25Gbps, 50/100Gbps, and 100/400Gbps interfaces, utilizing a  server-grade, 8-core, hyper-threading Intel Xeon processor and a Broadcom Qumran2a chipset to deliver 800Gbps switching capacity and advanced features with powerful processing power. 

The CSR440 supports IEEE 1588v2 full timing features with Class C accuracy and is capable of providing an 802.1CM Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) interface, supporting SRv6 technology and eCPRI encapsulation for upcoming xHaul applications and deployments. In addition, the CSR440 400G ports support high-powered optics, allowing operators to extend their service range and expand their market size.

“Edgecore's flagship 400G Cell Site Router CSR440 brings high-bandwidth connectivity to the access edge of our customer networks. Customers who are upgrading their network infrastructure using the temperature-hardened CSR440 can meet 5G backhaul and xHaul requirements at remote cell sites. Together with Edgecore’s software partners supporting the CSR440, we are accelerating the adoption of open networking for 5G and BNG applications,” said Nanda Ravindran, VP of Product Management, Edgecore Networks.

“The introduction of Edgecore's 400G Cell Site Router offers higher bandwidth to wireless and wireline Service Providers,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO, IP Infusion. “Edgecore and IP Infusion together provide cost-effective, higher performance solutions that enable new applications for innovative services.”

“Edgecore’s new 400G DCSG is a key milestone in disaggregated 5G networking. With our feature-rich Ensemble Activator NOS running on the Edgecore CSR440, carriers can deploy an agile, scalable multi-vendor mobile architecture built on best-in-class components and capable of unprecedented capacity,” said Mike Heffner, SVP and GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Edgecore is a company that shares our commitment to openness and collaboration. Now it’s offering a way to escape the constraints of closed proprietary systems while also addressing soaring data demand.”