Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Alkira debuts its Cloud Area Networking

Alkira launched Cloud Area Networking, a a full stack, edge-to-cloud enterprise-grade network with built-in routing and network services. Alkira auto-connects clouds, sites, users, and SD-WAN fabrics.

Alkira Cloud Area Networking aims to unify all users, sites, clouds, and vendors into one network with the following capabilities:

  •  Visualization of all network traffic from on-prem to deep in the cloud
  • Traceroute, packet capture, flow capture, and policy inspections from any on-prem network to any cloud network
  •  Enhanced segmentation and micro-segmentation that provide greater compliance across the entire network
  • Automated network address translation that makes it easy to remediate overlapping IP addresses across the Cloud Area Network
  •  Easy connection of partners to the Cloud Area Network with secure resource sharing 

 Alkira’s “Connect Anything” capabilities include: 

  • SecureConnect, which allows users to remotely access anything on their Cloud Area Network from anywhere
  • One-click high availability and disaster recovery setup for critical connections
  • Rapid network service insertion, including enhanced WAF/DDoS protection for internet facing applications

Alkira notes that it has already provided its Cloud Area Networking to Warner Music Group, Koch Industries, Tekion, and others.

Amir Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Alkira, said: “Until now, enterprises had a choice between shoe-horning last-generation technology into the cloud or using orchestration tools to hide the complexity. Enterprises are reaching the limit on how much they can patch their increasingly fragmented network. The Alkira way, the Cloud Area Networking way, is a single, enterprise-grade network infrastructure built for the cloud but grounded in reality. "


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