Monday, May 23, 2022

T-Mobile advances 5G Private Mobile Network

T-Mobile US announced a 5G Private Mobile Network solution set for enterprise customers. The new 5G Advanced Network Solutions has three options: 5G connectivity with a Public Mobile Network, a Hybrid Mobile Network, and a Private Mobile Network. Customers have the option to add compute to each option or use their own compute provider. And each solution is fully managed. 

  • Customers who need more reliability and faster download speeds than legacy networks provide can use the T-Mobile Public Network for a wide variety of applications from smart meter applications to tracking optimization and more. T-Mobile’s public network is architected so that data travels less distance from the device to the compute resource and back. That’s a big reason T-Mobile 5G is faster with lower latency.
  • Customers who need even faster speeds, lower latency and/or dedicated reliability can use the Hybrid Mobile Network. This is ideal for things like immersive VR training, computer vision and inspections and other demanding applications, without the expense of a fully private solution.
  • Customers who need the highest speeds, reliability and ultra-low latency can use the Private Mobile Network. A private solution is needed for only the most demanding applications, like industrial automation in a factory or fully autonomous robots. 

T-Mobile also announced the following partnerships:

  • T-Mobile and Dell Technologies are developing solutions for enterprise and government customers to embrace the 5G era. T-Mobile’s 5G Private Mobile Network will pair a private 5G network with Dell edge computing technologies, including Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure, so data can be processed, stored and acted upon locally at locations like large business campuses, factories, or universities. It will be available on-premises and be fully managed by T-Mobile.
  • Nokia and T-Mobile are developing 5G Private Mobile Networks and Hybrid Mobile Networks. Nokia’s equipment will be used for T-Mobile’s Hybrid Mobile Network; and for T-Mobile’s Private Mobile Network solution, the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Private Network solution.
  • Ericsson’s RAN and Core equipment will power T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

“As we launch more 5G products and services this year, we’re always thinking about what our customers are telling us they need,” said Mishka Dehghan, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Product, and Solutions Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group. “And, customers are telling us that navigating the complex infrastructure around private networks to produce tangible results is a major pain point. We’re ready to help with partners like Dell Technologies so our customers can stay focused on their business and leave the next-gen connectivity solutions to us.”