Monday, April 25, 2022

IOWN Global Forum accelerates growth, elects directors

The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum (IOWN Global Forum) has nearly doubled in membership over the past year, adding 44 new organizations and bringing its roster to 95 organizations.

At last week's Annual Member Meeting, five recently elected Directors were introduced: Brad Booth of Microsoft, Chris Wright of Red Hat, Hey-Chyi Young of Chunghwa Telecom, Per Beming of Ericsson, and Dr. Ulrich Dropmann of Nokia Corporation.

Upon his election, Chris Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Red Hat said, "Developing next generation networking technology to infuse data with compute is the foundation for a smarter and more sustainable future. As the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, Red Hat shares this vision with the IOWN Global Forum and looks forward to collaborating with industry and open source communities to bring it to life."

Per Beming of Ericsson on his re-election noted that the “IOWN Global Forum will shape the future of communication networks and how they will support a more sustainable society for all.”

Dr. Ulrich Dropmann from Nokia on the election and direction of the Forum said, “at Nokia, we believe IOWN Global Forum will play a key role in shaping the future of communication and Infrastructure technology. As a market leader in optical networking, we believe innovation in optical networking such as all-photonic networks, data-centric infrastructure will provide the backbone of the future. On that backbone the Information society will continue to strive, with particular emphasis on the sustainable support of wireless technology such as 5G-Advanced and 6G. By joining the IOWN GF Board, we will drive the IOWN GF mission to realize a smarter future for the world.”

On the election of Brad Booth, a Microsoft spokesperson said “Microsoft is a world leader in artificial intelligence and high speed computing that is accessible globally through our highly innovative WAN, Metro and Datacenter networks. The next 10 years will require many innovations to provide every person on our planet with limitless access to personalized and highly intelligent services that will help us navigate our daily lives. Microsoft shares IOWN’s vision to break free from today’s power and technology challenges and to navigate the next wave of innovations that our future will be built upon. Today we are pleased that Brad Booth, Principal Network Hardware Architect in Azure’s Hardware Architecture team, will be returning to the board of directors to ensure active participation of the cloud and networking community. Together as a community of innovators, we will meet the challenges of the next decade to build a new and better digital world.”

IOWN Global Forum's Vision 2030 Roadmap 

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