Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Fungible launches a partner program

Fungible is launching a partnership program for its composable data center solutions.

The Fungible Partner Exchange (FunPX) partner program allows resellers, distributors, and technology providers worldwide to connect, collaborate, and grow their composable infrastructure capabilities to cloudify the world’s data centers.

“It’s my pleasure to announce the FunPX partner program. We recognize the importance of the channel. Our partners have been instrumental in fueling Fungible’s success and are a critical component in reaching our growth targets,” said Brian McCloskey, Chief Revenue Officer at Fungible. “We are investing in the tools, people, and processes to enable our partners to grow with us by providing immediate access to the essential information they need to win and help our mutual customers realize the benefits that the Fungible portfolio can bring to their infrastructure.”


Fungible leverages DPU to DPU to centralize GPUs across Ethernet

Fungible introduced a means by which data centers could centralize their existing GPU assets into a single resource pool to be attached to servers on demand.The Fungible GPU-Connect (FGC) solution leverages the company's DPU to dynamically compose GPU and CPU resources across an Ethernet network.Instead of dedicated GPUs sitting idle most of the time, data centers can provide new users with access to the GPU pool, making greater use of existing assets....