Wednesday, March 16, 2022

OIF advances 224G CEI

OIF launched four new CEI projects during its recent Q122 Technical and MA&E Committees meeting, which was held virtually in mid-February. These include:

  • CEI-224G-Extra Short Reach (XSR) Common Electrical On-Package Interface Project, 
  • CEI-224G-Very Short Reach (VSR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Module Interface Project, 
  • CEI-224G-Medium Reach (MR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Chip Interface Project, 
  • CEI-224G-Long Reach (LR) Common Electrical Backplane and Copper Cable Interface Project.

 These projects are the first set to target the 224G generation of electrical interfaces.

In addition to these 224G project launches, OIF membership approved publishing the 224G Framework Project white paper that was kicked off in August 2020. 

“OIF’s CEI-224G framework project white paper provides a roadmap for the applications, challenges and projects needed to support new specifications and technologies – these four new projects will develop the Implementation Agreements (IAs) to address that roadmap,” said Dave Stauffer, Kandou Bus and Chair, OIF Physical and Link Layer (PLL) Working Group.

The OIF also launched two new Common Management Interface Specification projects: 

  • CMIS: Form-Factor Specific Hardware Management -- OIF initiated a new project to create supplemental specifications to CMIS for Form-factor Specific Hardware Management (FSHM). CMIS has been adopted to manage future generation of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) 112, SFP-DD/SFP-DD112, and quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) 112. Currently, CMIS does not provide hardware management control for these form-factors. FSHM will define form-factor specific module hardware management registers in CMIS.
  • CMIS Support for Host-Module Link Training -- OIF started another new project that will add CMIS Support for Host-Module Link Training. This project will provide an optional out-of-band, protocol agnostic, management mechanism for optimizing link tuning and training.